I Don’t Have A Problem I Have The Solution {Bookhaul/#BeCritical}

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion on booktube dealing with being critical. I want to talk about some comments that I saw in the discussion videos toward the people who are critical and other stuff.

One thing that stood out to me is that many people stated that they did not understand why people would pick up books they knew they wouldn’t like. I don’t think that most people pick up books that they don’t think they will get some enjoyment out of unless it is for school. Then again there are people who don’t look in their reading for enjoyment. Also, another point is that some people pick up books knowing that they will not like the book just to talk about how bad it is. I think that is one of the main things that a lot of readers don’t understand is how you can get enjoyment out of making fun of a book. I think that since readers are more connected to authors they feel that they shouldn’t be negative about authors works. I actually made a comment in one of my posts about how the thin line between authors and readers is bothering me.

Being the reader that I am being critical is something I just do.

The discussion made me start asking myself do I just pick up books out of I think this book is good or just to have something around me because I want to read. Do I read for the sake of reading? This thougth  stuck with me so hard because of the place I was in my reading. It came when I was questioning if I ever got out of the slump I had during the summer. I think a part of me still is in the slump of the summer because the issues I was dealing with then I’m still dealing with. I think sometimes if I didn’t read what else would I do?The thing that has helped me get of that mentality is reading graphic novels. I’m saying all this because I got a lot of books and these are things that crossed my mind while getting some of these books.

Here are a couple of videos that I liked talking about the be critical argument.

I like this video because it gets into how I feel this discussion has turned into people fiscating on the  use of the word “worthless”. When a lot of discussions come up this is done, the fixating on one word. An entire argument gets sidetracked by one minor detail instead of focusing on the argument itself. I feel that even if he came at the discussion differently the discussion would have still been a problem. I don’t agree with her on that point.

The entire discussion is important. If you have read my blog for a while you would know that I’m a reader like batpierce except I don’t curse. Overall, I want the best for every reader. I don’t want to feel like they owe authors or other readers something. I want reading to come to the point that it is about the reader and their enjoyment. At the same time I want the books that are being put out to be better. I should not feel like I’m reading the same story over and over again. I want literature that is cutting deeper into the roots to get the problems in our society not perpetuate them. I want to see diversity and variety in the things that are being published.

Bookhaul [Input Solution Pick Up Random Books]

These are all of the books I got from the library. I actually finished some of these but will separate the reviews into another post.


I thought that the solution to my feeling of being overwhelmed by the amount of choice in books. My solution was to just pick up some random books. Since I want to get into middle grade fiction I picked some random middle grade books.



I only got Undead Pets because it has a cat on the front cover.


I realized that my local library at university has an entire shelf for Asian fiction. Yes and Yes.


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