Library Checkout Reviews {18}

It is harder to put a clear stamp on when I should cut off the library checkouts because I go into the library more than once a week. I used to go to the public library once every 2-3 weeks. It’s weird that my entire library semester can be summed into one post well the ones I actually read anyway.  I did have  that week(s) when I checked out all those classics that I never read. I ended up listening to some of them on audiobook later on but not while I had them physically checked out. Looking back I think that they were not at the right time for me. I get books a lot of the time that are probably clearly not the one for me. Looking at some of the response videos for the be critical discussion I got the message from some of them that sampling books is a highly negative thing. It was said that it causes readers to give book one stars and such things as that. I experiment a lot with my reading so I can’t control if I will like a book or not. I think it is a generally positive experience even if I don’t like the books.

You Are Not The Solution

because I am not that into you…



Pros: It is written in verse, artwork, and just the formatting for this book in general.

Cons: I feel like the main character is too plain. She feels like a average middle grade character.


[Almost 50%]

Pros: That it is a middle grade dystopian novel, ANIMALS

Cons: Average middle grade character, when the adventure started happening it was eh

Comments: Overall for these two books the adventure and characters were okay.


[less than 1st chapter]

All the times I saw this book I never realized that it was ya.

One of the things that turned me off was that I felt the characters acted too much like regular teens. I know teens are teens but some of the stuff they were doing felt like it was not authentic to the Amish community. Overall, I just didn’t care.

because you never engaged me


[1st chapter] I only read it because I had nothing else to read.


[less than 1st chapter]

Lets me be honest I only got this for the cat zombie so this was never going to work. 15755241

[less than chapter]


[1st chapter]

-attitude of the characters, it felt like things happened too fast for me

Problem Solvers

Finished and Liked


+no text, there were cute animals, has a bit darkness in it


Finished Trilogy

+Its weird, dark, and feels experimental

Graphic novels really helped me during this time period. I think it is the art of just getting into a book without all these things that limit fiction. Also, my limits that I am at right now where I can’t be calm to read a book. I can’t tell if I am not able to be calm to enjoy books or I’m just not reading the right books. Either way this trilogy was definitely for adults and for me at that moment. My brother told me that I’m really into dark stuff right now because the things I’m going through. I feel that this book had the right amount of everything: darkness, page length, and just content.

You Were A Solution For Minutest Then I Got Bored…


It had my interest for 21% then I got bored. It could be because it feels like it repeats itself or its too long. I could probably summarize the book in one sentence and a few pictures. I do think it has educational value and somethings that I think rings true in many peoples reading. The art in the book was good but I felt that it became less so as the book went on.


[ 1 chapter] Never gained my interest/ it was already turning out like the average teen novel. I will say that I found the second chapter and all the questions it brought up  a bit interesting.


The prologue was interesting, it was just talking about how the author was going to talk about science stuff though. I got this book because it has diversity on the front cover. What turned me off is that main character spent the first page talking about other people in a eh way. If you are going to talk about people in a book do it in a way that catches me. This would have been a perfect way to catch my attention. It felt really young adult average.

Funny story (or at least it was funny to me): My lab partner saw me reading Losers In Space and asked did I like it. I just started reading the first page and could already tell it was not going to work for me. I said no of course. Then he told me thatI should pick popular books because that is an indicator that the book is good. I was verbally saying no but he kept going. If he knew what reader I was he would see that this does not apply to me. While mostly not liking popular books because they mostly don’t work for me, I still can’t turn my noise up at them. I just simply want a good book. I think this is sort of a problem is that I don’t have an indicator that tells me don’t get this book other than reading what the book is about. But I’m most of the time up for anything.


I’m supposed to be cutting off the books from the is library at this point. I’m not supposed to get any more books this year. I plan to read comics and/or books I own. I definitely want to read comics exclusively for a bit. If I do read a book it will be The Martian.


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