2015 New Years Resolutions (+ Some Books I Want to Read in 2015)


1. Read 75% Diverse Books

How I will achieve this:

A) Planning. I want to create a list with at least 25 books to read to start off. Then I want to create a bunch of smaller lists of books in different genres.

B) Subscribing/following more people who read diverse books

C) Go beyond my books left to read list.


2. Read more in horror/fantasy/mystery etc.

How I will achieve it: Focusing on areas that I like so I can read in these genres.

Japanese fiction for horror,

Middle grade for fantasy (and/or comics )


3. Finish/Update on series

How I will achieve it: In the case of Parasyte it’s not limiting myself to own list or school library.  I don’t think it is at the public library either so I am going to have to search for it.


4. Get past the young adult fiction crutch

I have to be on top of things so I won’t catch myself not knowing what to read. I also want to create a list just in case I find myself pursing the juvenile fiction section at my library.


5. More graphic novels/comics

For some reason I don’t put comics in my equation when thinking I need to read.  I need to get past picking up a novel before picking up a comic.

6.  Pick LESS questionable books

How I will achieve this:

A) Reading more authors I liked in the past or just having good books around so I don’t go into desperation random pick up books mode.

B) Having a plan so I’m not riding free reign


7. (Whatever number of books left to read I have) read/dnf some of them

How I will achieve this: By either reading, dnfing, or just really accessing if the book is for me before I waste time on it. I’m not putting heavy focus on this because I think my books left to read list is a barrier in my reading. My books left to read are neither as diverse or have as much variety as I’m looking for. I think a list that shows some good books my own books would be good to make so if I can’t read outside reading I have something. Also, I want to make sure that I focus more on finishing books I like than dnfing ones I don’t like.


8. Prepare myself to have less time.

If I know I have less time I can preparing myself to waste less time on questionable books. I think I can be some sort of focused.

9. Don’t put pressure on myself to read

Basically, I don’t want to read for the sake of reading. I think I danced over and around this line this year. I can achieve this by having options such as just not reading.

Non-book related

The Sims 3 Plumbs

10.  Support my other hobbies more!

I lost many things this year one of those being my other hobbies. I don’t want to get in the predicament that I did this year. I got in desperate mode because I knew/felt that reading was my only outlet. I didn’t have the time to do my other hobbies. I don’t want that to happen in 2015.


Basically, to achieve all these things I need to have diligence, planning, and not desperation.

[all images are from goodreads except the gifsoup gif]


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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