2014 Resolutions: In Reflection

1. Read all the books I own until there is 80 or none [deadline: January 1, 2015]

This is the last year in my challenge to read all the books I own. Yep, this did not happen. My reading output did not match or exceed my reading input. I spent most of my time of being in school not reading books I owned.  

2. Read more diverse

Last year my eyes opened  to so many problems with my reading. I could not go back into ignorance because  it was making me so angry. It is a matter of my reading happiness. I want to read books that are creative and not about the same old things. I want to read awesome books that include different race characters. I want so many things that I hope I can find this year.

My main problem in going as far as I could have gone with this goal is because of me not accepting a few things:

A. I do not have to stick to novels to get diversity.

B. Lack of focus

Not knowing what diverse books I want to read. Not knowing where any of these books were located. In combination to that…


This is going to be the theme of why I did not get a lot of my goals completed. School sucked the life out of all my plans. Not having the time to look for books like I usually do.

In positive news I did read more diversely than in the past. Most of the diverse books I read were comics. Comics breathed life into my reading this year.

3. Delve more into these genres: horror, adult fantasy, mystery, and just explore more genres

Among the many problems with my reading last year I know that I was focusing my reading on genres that were not for me.  I need to read the genres that are consistently overlooked in my reading. The crazy thing is I feel that I kept going even though I kept repeatedly for years knowing that certain genres were not doing it for me. While  I like ranting I do not want to spend this year ranting and wasting my time on books that are not for me.

Same reasons as diversity.  I did get more into comics which are still awesome by the way.

4. I need to be on top of things

I need to be conscious of what I want as a reader. Last year, I spent a lot of time barking up the wrong tree and going around in circles. I need to be brutally honest and direct. I do not want to spend this year like I spent 2013.

I did way better with this but I need to do way more. I definitely know that I got caught in this.

5. Stop putting books on the hook or side.

Odds are you do not like x book now and will not like it in some magic future were that makes all its problems go away.

Still true. I think that I need to work on not giving so many chances to books I think will not be good.

6. DNF even more books

I finished a lot of books that did not deserve a finish. This year I need to embrace dnfing because it is my best friend.

I did. I just don’t have the time to convince myself a book is good. The biggest thing that has helped me is remembering the feeling of a good book. Ditto the things I said on resolution number 5.

7. Plan more while not losing mood reading

I need to be scoping out books and planning themes more. I think creating themes will be fun while serving the purpose of helping me choose what I need to read.

I just did not have the time to do this. I did not finish one I love girls in dresses book. I really did not read that many books I own this year.

8. Read more than one book this year from my favorite authors

Yes…I think I did this. I didn’t do it as much as I wanted though.

9. Don’t pressure myself to read!

I went through a period where I question if I did this. It was during a time when I did not know what to read and didn’t have the time to think as hard as I usually do. The college library is set up differently so I didn’t just explore and find random books. I was going through a lot of other things dealing with school. I just felt like I wanted to read if anything. I did not have time to do all my other hobbies so I felt like this is all I have. I just picked books that were question marks around if I would like them. I questioned myself if I was just getting books to fill space. Ugh, then I felt like I was in a reading slump which I probably was.

Non-book Related

10. Support my other hobbies a lot more.

Yes! I did not really watch any Asian dramas or playing the sims. I came back into the Asian dramas not knowing any of the new shows that was airing. 


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

2 thoughts on “2014 Resolutions: In Reflection”

  1. The DNF goal is a though one! I’m being much more strict lately and usually give it 50 pages before deciding if life’s too short to finish it or not. Regarding diversity, have you tried joining one of the Diversity-related challenges? They could help!


    1. I did not realize until yesterday that there was so many diversity challenges. I’m leery about joining challenges because I get anxious and don’t do anything with challenges. I’ve been doing more of following/subscribing to people who read diversely or promote diverse books so that I’m consistently seeing diverse books. Also, I dnf books so much that it is hard for me to follow challenges.


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