Random Facts About Books I Own (1)


  • won the goodreads choice awards
  • to be a motion picture soon


  • going to be a mini-series in February trailer here
  • (opinion) I don’t like this cover or the covers for most of these editions.


  • going to be movie in theaters
  • (opinion) based on the trailer I have zero urge to see it
  • (opinion) I’m not into classics right now so my urge to read this is at eh level

I’m excited about some of these books getting movies/tv shows but doesn’t it feel like everyone is getting one these days. The more I think about them getting adaptations and how much these adaptations are going to suck the less excited I’m getting.

Rumored To Have Adaptation Coming/Already Has One


It  and every Stephen King book ever written.

  • own the most books by him

It is funny that the authors I own the most books by I have the least urge to read. *cough* Charles Dickens, Stephen King, Agatha Christie *cough*


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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