TTT: Book Related Problems I Have

I  have decided to take a break from reading because of all these problems so this came at a perfect time for me rant.

1. Lack of diversity!

It is bothersome (irritating, annoying, and exhausting could be used too) to have to look for diversity whenever I want to read in a genre. Then there are some genres that I don’t have that book I specifically want. I want to see characters who are dimensional and diverse. I want their stories to not be stuck in a certain time period when they were really oppressed. I just want them to have fun moments and do awesome things.

2. Lukewarm/Ok/ I’m just not that into you books

Ugh, save me from books that start off good then turn sour 50% into a book. Save me from books that have goodness in them but I just am not that into them. I don’t want to feel the grips of disappointment or want a book to hurry up so bad because I’m just not into it. Please  let me find books that while not perfect keeps my interest and excites.

3. So many books in my books left to read and so much lack of want to read them

Well, at least I don’t hate them this year like last year. I do not believe I ever published any of  drafts about how much I just hated my books left to read books from last year but I seriously did. It came around the time I was supposed to sit and read the books I own instead of going to the library.

4. So many of my favorite authors have disappointed me last year

The most books on my shelf are by a person who disappointed me twice recently with their books, Stephen King. All the authors on my shelf who are were/are my favorites have disappointed me so I’m stuck. I can’t move forward with their books because I can’t handle the disappointment of another one of their books. If I pick up another eh/ok/not exciting books I feel I will DNF every books by them.

5.  Sci-fi/Fantasy why you never have any action?

Seriously, I should not pick up a bunch of sci-fi and fantasy books that have no amount of action in them. I used to not get why people read certain middle grade/ya books before adult books. This is a case that even though I have a hard to time doing it I can understand why other people can do it in a heartbeat. At the very least most of them have action and adventure. Save me from any book that is so literary that it can’t have an interesting story. Especially, save me from the sci-fi/fantasy book that is so literary that isn’t an interesting story and on top of that no action/adventure.

6. I kind of miss my public library.

My school library is not bad but it is different from my public library. I will do a post later on this because it seems like it will be fun to compare the two.

7. Romance I want to get back into you but you have problems.

You suffer from the problems that so many other genres that I read have: lack of diversity (can I just have a good teen/adult interracial romance please) and characters who are not stock characters to name a few. I missed last weeks top ten Tuesday it would have been right up my alley. I might post later a top ten Tuesday about the problems I have with the romance genre. I just want romance/chick lit to do better. Mini-rant: Why does my school library not have romance books? It has sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, etc but nope to romance. Oh, it has ya romance and an entire young adult section though.

8. Where is the creativity?

I really felt it last year the lack of interesting characters and stories. Everyone seems to be writing the same story the same way. Everyone is interested in new books and authors I just can’t muster the excitement because I just know it is going to be about the same characters doing the same things. Everyone wants to be a writer now but wants to create the same stories.

9. Too many books not enough space

My books are overflowing into boxes so that they are not sitting in the middle of my floor. I only have two bookshelves: one is for my books I finished and want to keep the other is for books left to read. If I could a library room that would so awesome. But sadly with the way I’m feeling about books I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it.

10. My Expectations/Lost Faith In Books

People have told me that my expectations are high looking at the vast amount of books I DNF last year. It is a sad reality to have to feel that wanting to simply like a book is too much.  I want to have that excitement of being so into a book that I can’t wait to read it. I keep seeing people on my tumblr posting memes of how they love a good book that keeps them up at night. I’m just like what book have I read lately that has me so into it that I would stay up at night to finish it? All the books that had me at that point lost my interest by 50%.  I know part of it is I’m waking up to so many issues in society and publishing. Definitely, a couple of those would be the lack of diversity and how women are portrayed in books. I’m not into acting like my lack of interest is a personal problem anymore. How many time can I say that my interest is lacking in the book? It is hard to pick up books when I know that I have a 90% chance of not liking it.

Basically, I’m at the point of not even getting that mad anymore I may get into random rant mode a bit but my heart is starting to not be in it. I’m at the point of stop reading and doing other things. That is why you haven’t seen any posts by me in 13 days. I’ve been reading but eh. It is kind a sucks to create a blog about my challenge to read the books on my books left to read list and have trouble reading them. I hope that when I comeback things will be better. On a positive note that means I can give time to my other hobbies like I made a resolution to do.


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I like to read, a lot.

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