Library Checkout Reviews {20}

It is a bit hard to have a cut off with the library books since I go to library every time I go to school and get new books (basically at least once a week).


Crazy story I almost did not get this book. I was in the library looking for a book to read for about an hour or more  which is over my time limit I’m supposed to dedicate to look for books. I picked up this book then put it down to be reshelved then came back and picked it up because I felt like I needed to get something to rationalize how much time I spent in the library.


The alien world and its inhabitants were interesting. The main character was interesting for the first half of the book. At first I was really into this book. I thought I’ve been going all around looking for such and such book when I could have been reading this.


It’s not actiony. It is probably odd that each time I go into a sci-fi/fantasy book I have an expectation to see actiony. Each time I am faced with a book that is not actiony. I want action and adventure so bad. I was okay with their being a lack of action in the beginning because there was something for me to be interested in. Toward the middle half I started feeling that something was missing and that I was not  enjoying it as much as I did at first. The last 100 pages were difficult to read. Why did I lose interest? I lost interest because it took all its potential, my expectations, and didn’t fulfill them. It never evolved into something more beyond just world building. I feel a bit ( definitely not to the same level as I did with Tigana all those feelings). The story set up this world and story to just talk. I don’t know what it is with sci-fi and fantasy with this thing of having no action.  It also introduced some things that I feel was not developed enough for me to care about.  It made me go into my rant about the problems in sci-fi and fantasy, haven’t done that in a long time.

I just want to leave this world and politely not comeback or talk about it again.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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