Library Checkout/Reviews {21}-{22}

So I got more books than I probably really needed to at one time. I feel I got a bit into desperate mode which I was constantly in last year. I crossed line into it because I started getting aimless and emo so I though yep its time to get back into reading. I hope that these don’t make me feel worse.

{21} The Books I Already DNF because eh/not engaged…



Some of these I question if I’m not into because I am in a reading slump or something. I just don’t have the patience to wait and see. A book needs to start off being interesting right away to keep me. I did not finished an entire library haul.




I got The Norton Anthology of African American Literature because it has samples of all these different books I want to try. Black Hole was checked out because it is by the same author who I read last year when I was going through a eh reading period last year. I am hoping that it can be greater or work at the same level it did last year. So far Black Holes is similar to Sugar Skull which worries me a bit. The Norton African American Anthology so far is good I even had a moment with my mom. One of the songs is a popular rap song which I did not realize when I pressed play on it. She felt the need to sing and dance.


By the time I post this I will probably have did not finished Martha Washington… so hard. I don’t like how the writing for the story is so far. It’s jumping around a bit and not sitting down for a second to give me any emotion about it.


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