Library Checkout&Reviews {23}: Picture Books Edition

I can’t get into novels or graphic novels so I’m reading picture books at the moment.



I did think Peanut Butter and Jellyfish was better than eh but wasn’t on the level the other books were. It did have a twist which saved this book. I liked the artwork too. Keisha Ann Can! definitely is a eh and meant for kids. It had a moral message about doing your homework and stuff.



Lester’s Dreadful Sweaters caught my eye while I was looking for other books so its my random read. I think that this has the feeling of a middle grade novel because the main character.The only negative I have to say about this book is that after a while the sweaters started to look the same. Nonetheless, the story and art were on point.


 Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth  The art was one of my favorites out of the books I got from this library trip. There is one moment in the book were the entire color scheme for the book changes with the mood of the book. Nung Gwama was kind gory like folklore usually is. It felt different (in a good way) in the mythology creature and the story which I’m behind all the way. It did still have the feeling of a fairy tale.

I think that picture books are a good introduction to different cultures. I think so far they have been better than novels dealing with different cultures and their mythology. Overall, they are a good introduction to things. I think picture books are working for me because there are pictures and not a lot of words.

I was wondering is there a reading group for adults who read picture books like there is a group for young adult books?

My Blind Date With A Book

To my surprise when I went into the library they had a table filled with books that were covered up like presents with 3-4 words on them describing the book. Being in the place I am with reading I was like this is cool but I’m in sort of a reading slump. I was looking at the table and found a book that said fantasy, witty, comic. I saw comic and thought this is the perfect thing for me because I can’t get into novels right now. So I excitedly checked it out.


😦 . I did think it was small for a graphic novel. This is why I can not blindly pick up a book.


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