Library Checkout {30} And There Was Women

Since I bought War And Peace began to get excited about reading classics again. Since I was eh/maybe about reading War and Peace I decided to read some other classics. I do not think at this time I would be into it. All these other events and  circumstances brought me to these two books I checked out from the library.


This is the book I’m currently reading. I like seeing the view-point of American history through a black woman’s point of view. She has an interesting voice.

[The audiobook sample on goodreads sold me on checking out this novel]


I like this cover out of all the covers on goodreads because of the vibrant colors and that hat is so eye-catching.

Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have gotten this one so close to the end of the semester. It’s not like I’m going to come up to  school during the summer to checkout library books. When the semester ends it is going to be like high school when school ends for the year.

college life crisis high school musical gif


(I’m the one with the rolling backpack. I have one in real life. )

Anyway, what caught my eye with this book is that there are two sisters  and a revenge plot. I’m so here for that. It seems like so much adventure is going to happen in this book.

On an ending note I am going to think up some more book cover ideas for these two books (unless I don’t finish/end up not liking them) even though I think I’m supposed to only do that for books I own. Eh. I’ve already thought up a couple of cover ideas.

A week or so later…

I can never have nice things. I did not finish No Name and am eh about Behind The Scenes. Yep, I totally forgot about all those cover ideas too.

No Name

Starting on a positive note this story had great potential. Potential, seemed to be  the word that I kept holding on to even 100 pages in. The problem is that the story felt like it was on the point of engaging me. Everything was there and was close to getting it. When did I start being able to tell it was not going to go the distance? Well, when the story would not focus on Nora for life of it. Nora and the rest of the characters in the story wouldn’t get connected to my interest somehow. Thoughts of how long it felt and me finding myself asleep while reading this book on two different occasions come to mind too. I kept going where I would not go for so many other novels because it is not boring but was it really engaging though?  DNF

Behind The Scenes

I got excited about this particular narrative  because it felt like a start in me getting past my assumptions about slave narratives. Also, the main character is a black woman which excited me to no end. That is why what I have read so far is a bit disappointing. I can see why this novel is called Behind The Scenes because it is like Elizabeth Keckley is not a main character in her own life story. It is basically a third person narrative of the Lincolns with a few chapter at the beginning about Elizabeth Keckleys life. Being at 171 of 371 pages the only thing I know about her is from the first couple of chapters. I don’t know about her friends or life beyond the white house during this period. I came for her story. Yes, I did come for a little bit about the Lincolns but I mainly came for her. I picked up this novels and pumped it up in my head for her.  There are many things that bother me about this novel. The story jumping around is one of  the things that bothered me but I can’t get really annoyed about it because this is an autobiography. One of the other things is how she worships Abraham Lincoln  such as calling him a “demigod”. I can also sense some respectability politics with Elizabeth Keckley too. It is weird doing a review of someone else’s life because I’m basically reviewing her. I still think it is a good book so I am going to finish it eventually.

What I Gained For This Library Haul…

I. Not wanting a book to be good so bad that I can’t recognize that my interest is missing

The biggest problem I face is the lack of interest I have for so many books. This disinterest causes me to question myself because I want to be into some books so bad. No Name had all the potential in the world. I wanted a Charles Dickens level characterization (male of course because the only female main character characterization from Bleak House was off) for the female characters but I did not get that. *sigh*

II. Read more slave narratives/ classic books in African-Americans point of view (I might read Mary Todd Lincoln or Abraham Lincoln or just someone else who was around the Lincolns during this time)

I think it would be interesting to read different point of views of historical events especially from people who were  marginalized during that period.


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