Comics Haul 5/23/15

Since I seem to be getting more into comics than novels I think focusing on them is a good idea. So you will see more posts about comics/graphic novels than novels. I have a lot to say about how disappointing novels are but I will not do that here. I will get into a big rant in my library checkout review {32}. Now on to positive things, comics.

Since the travesty that was the Jem trailer I decided to check out the Jem comics.


I couldn’t find #2 so I only have issues 1 and 3. My mom who has already read the first issue said it was okay. I read it and thought it was a solid three stars.

Jem Issue #1 Review

+I like that it is colorful and has realistic characters, it was modernized well

It was refreshing to read this after going through some awful comics. The only thing I worry about is some of the changes in modernizing it. I can’t judge these changes until I read the #2.


Based on just the cover I bought Effigy #3 on free comic book day. Now, I finally bought #2 and #1. I just hope this series is good.



I heard about Weird Love from

(watch it she describes what the comics are about so well).  I’m happy she did this video because I don’t feel like I would’ve heard about it anywhere else. I haven’t talked about it before because I was too busy being stuck on novels but I like romance comics. Well, I like the idea and sometimes the execution of public domain romance comics. I think it is such a beautiful idea to hone in on romance comics period because it is such a not used genre (okay yes shojo exists and has been killing it for years that fact cannot be denied. Nonetheless, the American romance comics is underrepresented).

After actually reading some of the book:  So far  it is just one of the public domain comics that I have read that you would never hear about on my blog because I forgot about it as soon as I was done reading it. I was advertised exceptional, crazy, and weird which I did not get so far. I hope that it has better stories in it to redeem itself.

Yes, I know I picked up this comic but I’m side eyeing the outfit and the overall vibe.

I got this for George R.R. Martin and it was cheap. I hope it is a good story because I read a small bit of a comic by him recently and :(.


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