Library Checkout Reviews {31}-{32}

50%  Shoe Drop…

the point after reading half of the book that a shoe(s) drops. At this point all the things that I was either okay with or didn’t think about flood in. Things such as a fantasy novel not really having a lot of fantasy in it becomes a problem. This is a point in time that all the promises that were made about the book need to at least look like they are going to be filled. I experienced this with the two books I sampled before getting to avoid the this entire feeling, Fortune’s Pawn and Breadcrumbs.


Pros: The first half really had me. The main character is adopted child from a different country which is something I don’t think I have ever read in fiction. It deals with so many positive things: +girl-girl friendships +boy-girl friendship +being adopted +divorce +depression +not fitting in +people speaking over/demonizing you rather than listening to you (the adults in this book made me mad) +how imagination is supposed to lessen as you become older +sticks closer to Snow Queen story

Cons: The second half was so hard to get through. I feel like all the commentary the author set up on growing up and being an adult was thrown out the window.  I really felt Hazel, the main character, on so many things she was going through even though I’m in college (or is it especially because I’m in college). I feel that the messages felt off from the former half and overbearing. To see all the abuse, neglect, and how much she was ignored it bothered me that it tied the entire story off with a bow of grow up and stop imagining. Also, it is a problem that you spend the last 156 pages in the fantasy world or even dealing with the fantasy elements. I can see why people who specifically came for those elements had a problem that it took so long to get there.  Then when it finally got to the fantasy world she walks around for 100 or so pages philosophizing stuff that doesn’t fit the ideas present in the first part. I left the book feeling like that itch for a fairy tale retelling of The Snow Queen wasn’t filled.

I think a recent cartoon Over The Garden Wall handled things better.


Neither Here or There Exactly But Still Relevant: So I read this character as black for half of the book then found out she is not. I got kind of mad because I picked this book for the presumed black  main character. I kept going because the story was really good. Rachel Bach sees Gina Carano as who she would cast to play Devi in a movie so shes not black. I feel like it means more for her to be a black woman.  It does change things because things I praised this story for in my head are not praise worthy now because she isn’t a black woman. For example, Devi being sexually active and aggressive is not seen as a negative thing. For black women who are already sexualized heavily and seen as aggressive this really means something big.

This entire situation makes me wish a bit that authors said outright this character is black. I know that it is sci-fi so I will have to deal with the idea that we are in the future we are past racism, sexism, and etc so in the characters world these terms are outdated.


It felt like at the point I reached more should’ve happened. We should not be still be at the same point  with all the things going on with less than 100 pages left. The romance in the story is dead. I like romance but you need to build/make me feel the romance.


Easier to read and comprehend than super complicated sci-fi I’ve read in the past.

I only had less than 100 pages left so I was going to finish this but my mom talked to me. She said why don’t you not finish it? I feel once I let this go it helped me a lot.   DNF


I was not engaged by this.




Narrative actually recognized all the problems I had with the main character, Ikea idea, set in ikea.


The representation of the people of color is off. I found it questionable that the main character went on this long rant about the only poc characters then a white character is introduced to be a retail saint. I was able tolerate these things since  the story actually recognizes the main characters opinions are questionable. The issue is that the story and horror was not all that from what I read.  DNF

It feels like people are more amazed at the presentation and idea of this book than the actual story. All I have heard about this novel is that it looks like an Ikea catalogue.  Night Film is anther novel that I fee is more about the presentation than the actual story. In both novels I found myself unimpressed with the horror and story.

Books I DNF after reading a bit of it


I was not engaged by either of these. Dream-Quest seemed like it was being lyrical, it’s a graphic novel adaptation of one of Lovecraft stories so it is going to be like that but it didn’t get me. I am having a hard time with classic novels now (well, novels in general). Forever Evil just did not get me.


I don’t like this incarnation of Harley Quinn.


~Stray Bullets: Open The God Damn Box

>:[ Ugh,  how this story treats rape. I did not like this.

~The Old Silo

(At this point I started  regretting getting this collection instead of one of Rick Geary graphic novels by himself)

This one was better than the first story.

And finally I had to let go of this book because the stories I read as you see were not all that hot. I just couldn’t force myself to read through every authors stories. I found Rick Geary the person I got this book for and promptly DNFed it.

~Blood On My Hands

Even though, the story and its twist is something I have read before it still worked. Rick Geary has a distinct way he draws and writes his stories.  I would give this story three stars he has written  more unique stories. I will say that this is the best story I read in the collection which is kind of not saying much because I only read 3 out of the entire collection. This truly helps me remember why I don’t like anthologies, short stories, or any collection with more than one author.




I don’t think The Last of Us is bad but I just was not into it. Ditto, Harlequin and Rat Queens. DNF


I finally decided to let go of the Chew series. Something about the series makes me take forever to read each book like it is a chore.

Good After Reading A Bit


I enjoyed the point that the graphic novel went beyond the part about cats. The cat parts were not bad but did not get me as much as the non-cat parts. It is a good graphic novel to read if you want something other than genre fiction. My brother said it is very tumbler. That is not the vibe I got but I could see it.


Pros  when it introduced the woman character things got more interesting

Cons –physics parts were confusing, jumps around, the beginning was eh because the main character is a basic dude and the writing and just introduction was not that enthralling

I would only continue this series going the library route.


I cannot blame the comic so much as myself because I read volume 2 almost a year ago. I was murky on what was happening in the story. Also, I started the show so that caused a bit of confusion. Once I read a bit I could understand what was going on and was excited about it. These two are probably the best of this library checkout.

Pros the story addressed the idea that we as a society are not living unless we are surviving like they are doing on the walking dead. It is a very idolized idea. I actually ranted a bit on this topic a couple a while back, I think. I like that The Walking Dead deals with a lot of issues while at the same time having action. So many stories want to be lyrical but do not know how to keep on with the story.

Cons I’m bugged by the portrayal of the women characters. A lot of weird happens in these two volumes that I don’t know if I like them.


This story is creative and sends a message without beating children over the head with its message. It is also cute.


I feel at this point I need to not read novels for a long time. They are killing my reading. I was all happy when I got these books then I read Breadcrumbs and Fortune’s Pawn. Both started off so strong then reached something at the 50% mark. Pushing myself to read something I don’t like is of course going to have an effect on me especially when they started off so promising. These two books were not books that started off bad and I had to wait for them to be good. No, they started off good so I was lulled into a false sense of security. What is worse a book that lets you know it is bad from the beginning or a book that tells you later on? For me it is a book that  makes you believe that it will fulfill its promises. So when it falls at 50% it is like just finish it because it is only usually less than 150 pages or so left in the book. Then I have to suffer through however many pages that I don’t care about just to finish it. I’m not worried about giving up on novels just for the simple fact that it feels like a natural progression looking at how long this thing has been going on for a while.

I think I will explore some more sci-fi just to put everything to rest. I’m caught between keep trying or letting it go. On one hand I feel that I have not read enough in the sci-fi genre. While on the other hand I feel I should not have to try at all or so hard. Finding good books should not be a struggle.

On a semi-bright side at least sci-fi and middle grade books can  get my attention for 1/2 the book.


I. Exploration

In light of the recent discussion about libraries on booktube a need in me was felt to get back to picking up a bunch of books. I want to pick up these bunch of books to get back into what I feel the library is meant for to explore. I think that I have gotten so trigger shy with not liking books it is stopping me from experimenting.

A. Accepting the DNFs

  I have to accept that I do not finish a large amount of books. I need to accept my tastes and stop demonizing or thinking something is wrong with me after going through dnfs. I kept going with so many books in this book haul who I did not like because it was good in the first half or was not particularly bad. I need to hit the DNF at whatever point the story loses me if that means 50%, 19%, the first chapter, or the first page. The honest truth is going on with a book I don’t like is killing my reading possibly more than just encountering a book I don’t like. After reading Breadcrumbs, Fortune’s Pawn, and some other books I felt a reading slump cloud coming over me.  Once I decided to not continue them a weight was lifted.


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