Library Checkout Reviews {33}

I lost my notebook with all my bookish thoughts somewhere so most of my reviews are not going to be in depth as they could be.

Things I Did Not Finish


Both of these books were lyrical which put me off. I cannot figure out if I have lost my love for classics or it is just these books. I think it is my extremely low tolerance anything that feels like it will take more than five minutes to catch my interest. I want it all now or never. Yep, its probably these books. I will possibly come back to these later.


Did not even bother with this one because I already tried my hand at Lovecraft, nope.



Cute Girl Network  turned me off because the guy was in insta-like with the girl who seems like she is one of those not like other girls type of chicks. I got the feeling that was why he was into her. Color of Rage really never fully got my interest and some other things about it bugged me.


Akira just did not get my interest in the bit I read.

Things I Finished But Ugh

These are not necessarily bad but I had issues.


Awkward black girl

Spoilers (?) Warning


It is very easy to read which is a major part in me finishing it so quickly. There were many relatable moments (The hair chapter one was one of most relatable especially the reaction to wanting to cut off her hair).

I have to give Issa Rae credit for touching on how as a black kid you have to prove your blackness. If you don’t fit a certain mold of what is considered black you are acting outside of your race. She also gets into colorism and representation of black women in visual media.

I think that I am probably not giving her as much credit for what she did do because a lot of the book either rubbed me the wrong way, did not reach deep enough for me, or felt like a typical trying to fit in tale.


Since I have been getting memoirs/biographies lately I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a bit weird to rate them because it is like you are rating their life.

-The book is advertised to seem like it was going to be about being awkward and black and a woman. I did not feel her awkwardness like I did in the show.  Her life seemed like one of those coming of age movies (or I guess in this case book) with the girl trying to fit in/be popular. It did have the element of her dealing with how being black and a woman effects that but I kept feeling she did not go deep enough with everything.  There a lot of stories that were just her trying hard to fit in with no commentary behind them. They probably were meant to be funny, they just left me cold.

-She had some moments where she gets to close to new black.

-A lot of things rubbed me the wrong way. For example, there is a chapter she categorizes black people into stereotypes.

-She is privileged in many ways which I think informed many of her opinions.


Chicken Dance was okay. I’m not into Elvis and it was just ok.


So there was a bunch of not surprising stuff. One of the big things that is bothersome is the main character coming into  a new place being all I know everything and not being any amount of maybe I should figure out the lay of the land. Overall, this story is eh.


Ugh, cheesy insect jokes. This is no A Bugs Life now that had some good bug jokes ;).   I did not enjoy this. Also, I feel that how things went down was eh. I want to give it something for going somewhere a little different with the mystery but eh.

Things That Make Me Remember Why I Love Reading


The Mermaid and the Shoe

This book was awesome. The main character is so cute! This lends itself to a sequel which I will be anticipating.


If you liked Over The Garden Wall You May Like this. I do feel that they are similar but very different at the same time. Over The Garden Wall is better in my opinion though.


It brings up the many issues with the  criminal justice system and other important stuff (I do not want to get into because spoilers). I really enjoyed this book. It was the best book of this entire checkout for two main reasons: it was good and showed me still very much enjoying a book by an author I liked in the past. In the wreckage that was the last couple of years there were many authors that ceased to be my favorites.


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