March Samples&Previews: I Cannot Reconcile with Y.A. Or Sci-fi (With July Commentary)

Since I keep feeling like my reading wrap ups are huge I decided to separate my books I own from my sampled books. (This really doesn’t matter in the long run because I just stopped doing wrap ups all together) I did not finish any of these books that I sampled.

Young Adult Books

[Disclaimer: Rant Imminent]

In my entire reconciliation with the romance/chick-lit genre I started thinking about sampling some ya. If you remember I renounced both of these at the same time last year. I think that the rant that I did there still stands completely for ya. and chick-lit. I can barely find a chick lit book I want to read. 

I guess I went into this thinking maybe I could get a fantasy or science fiction that is good and not super complicated. Ah, if I could’ve seen into the future and not even bothered.

11366397 I knew I wouldn’t like this but pushed myself to read this because it was in a sampler with Let The Sky Fall and Two-Way Street. The reason for the dystopian world in this book is ugh honestly. It feels like ya authors are just looking for issues in our societies without really looking at logical ways we would fix them. I think the wooden writing did it in for me too.

13138635 The characters voices sounded generic. The romance hit me over the head right away. Once I start smelling  poorly written ya romance unless the story is awesome, I leave. Someone in a review  I read before sampling this said the romance would take over. Reading only 2 chapters I could see that.

13445306 I think that chapters 1 and 2 were good but once it went beyond there it started to show signs of things that would irritate me. One of those things is characters thinking they are funny when they are not. Also, the plot forcing romance and the magic turning into a ya hot mess.

Not So Bad May Continues… nope I did not finish any of these


I think this has the potential to be a hot mess too but I thought it was interesting as far as I read it. I think part of it is because the characters are at the same place I am in my life.  I forgot about this or had the sense to not come back.

375802 I think this has potential with the children and the hints of bigger issues that it would deal with. I decided to stop reading it because the sexist things that were said a couple of chapters into the book. It was a couple of throwaway lines but if this is something I am seeing early on in the book I need to leave before it become a huge problem.

Funny Breakup Ecard: I don't miss you. I just sometimes think I miss the person you pretended to be.

In all honesty don’t miss the genre at all. I just needed to make a detour and check to see if I am missing anything, nope. I am at the exact same place with ya that I was last year.  I don’t believe that ya (or at least the ones I have read) show a experience that I had as a teen.  I can very readily that adult fiction has the same problem. It creates this uniform experience of being an adult or teen. I see a lot of generic characters who have the same voice. I’m probably doing the writing version of rambling but it all stands true.  Saying all that I do want to read the new Dorothy Must Die. After listening to someone’s review of it I lost interest in it. I have this interest in young adult books premises and covers. The issue is that the stories do not follow through with the execution.


8935689 I started this wanting to give sci-fi  a fare shake before completely dismissing it like I have pretty much done with fantasy. This book was confusing.  Confusion does not make interest. I just left this book not feeling it.  I am still on the losing battle to find a good non-hard sci-fi book.

18007564 I finally sampled this and it seems like something I should continue. I like that everything is not confusing and boring. I did see some moments of obnoxiousness but it was not a major issue.

Yep, all the things I said became a major problem later.


I like it. This is what I want from a novel, interesting characters. I have not gotten to the fantasy yet, but I like where this story is right now. I let this one go too because I lost interest.


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