Pre-Library Samples&Previews for library checkout {33}

This is the books I sampled before my library checkout {33}.


I did not like either one of the characters voices. Both character goes on a rant about the Christian church which I wish was a better critique of the overall church. Also, I wish that I was engaged by the characters and this story so when the rant came on it could mean more.


-nope. -main chick already getting on my nerves. I did not like the characters overall. They were stereotypical.


I know this is in the synopsis but does every black woman/girl have to be abused? I would love to see more images of happy carefree black girls. I support seeing different images of black women but this was not it. This book bothered me because it is a image I see a lot. I read an article and saw other stuff about the abuse of black bodies. I did not connect to the story so it is even more distancing to read something you are eh about with abuse. I experiesced this with 12 years a slave I felt nothing while watching it. The story never connected with me its just a sea of black abuse (not to diminish its impact or anything).The article (that I cannot find now, sigh) I read talked about how much people see violence against the black body that people become detached.It is creepy to be honest. DNF

I had to read some comics after this which seems to be the only place a black girl/woman can be cute and happy.


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I like to read, a lot.

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