Library Checkout {36} 8/7/15


While holding onto the illusion that I could only get 10 books from the library, I took back a couple of books I did not finish.  The cycle of me renewing unfinished  books from the last haul then adding more books on top of it needed to stop. I only renewed three books from my last library checkout.

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Phase One- Preliminary Disqualify

Right away I knew that there were a bunch of books that is exclusively for my brother to read.

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Batman Beyond 10,000 is the fifth in the series so I cannot read it.

He (my brother) just won’t let go of trying to get into some of these comics…

Phase 2- First Day DNF


I was not engaged by this by any measure. It just is so average manga without any deviation.


I don’t like the voice in this.


Nimona has great artwork and a interesting premise. It is not a bad story but just leaves me cold. I see moments when I feel I should be laughing but don’t. Eh.

Phase 4- All That Is Left



Finally, got the next volumes for Attack on Titan. The series is probably going to end next year which is going to be sad but satisfying.

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I wanted the All You Need is Kill novel but it is not at my library so I got this instead.  I’m excited about these books because they look good.


Got less than last time but still not as small as I wanted. I’m cool with it because I already dnfed/disqualified more than half the books. Since my recent discovery of self-published books I am going to more than likely read less mainstream published novels (which is not that hard since I already don’t read that much).


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