Library Checkout Reviews {36} Where I Don’t Finish Any of The Books…

Novel & Nonfiction


I’m not putting the effort behind these to finish them so I’m going to return them. I’ll comeback for them later.

Graphic Novels: DNF

Scott Pilgrim vol. 2

Rat Queens vol. 2

Harley Quinn Prelude and Knock-Knock Jokes

Dead Pool vol.1 : Dead Presidents

Batman Beyond vol. 5 : 10,000 Clowns

Alive vol. 1

Alive vol. 2

Hawkeye vol. 1: My Life As a Weapon

Hawkeye vol. 2: Little Hits


Here is why I DNF all of these books on the first day.

Phase Four- DNF Some More

Overall, I just could not get into any of these so they got a DNF.  My brother liked Thor



Hip Hop Family Tree was not like the comics above I did get into it for a little bit.


Cons  There is so much going on in terms of all the important people in hip hop during this time. There is not a transition or separator when mentioning all the people and events. It feels like x person did this then y person did that then a person did this. I might have enjoyed this more if I was more into hip hop, maybe.

Phase Five- Checkout, Again!



All Recheckouts, again (we are going to get it this time).


I picked a bunch of duds this time. I hope that my next library checkout can be better.



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