Tuesday Flirtations- The CEO’s Reluctant Lover

1. Read a free romance book (this was started for legally free eBooks, but you can count anything gifted, borrowed, ARC, etc!)
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Where is it available? barnes and noble, amazon, kobo

Genre(s): interracial romance, contemporary romance

Pages: 66

Carter Davis’ new nurse is perfect, except for one point – she isn’t actually a nurse. She’s a corporate executive and his new next neighbor.

Vanessa Imenerse is a beautiful, African American woman, who is both smart and savvy. A corporate headhunter is trying to get her to accept a job as CEO of GainsCorp, so Vanessa thought she’d enjoy a well earned vacation in New York at his expense. The only downside is her neighbor is constantly shouting at people.

Vanessa decides to investigate. She discovers her neighbor is an incredibly handsome man who is bed bound while he recovers from a car accident.

When Vanessa walks into his apartment Carter sees a beautiful woman who identifies herself as Vanessa I’m-a-nurse (Imenerse) and he immediately thinks she has been sent by the nursing agency to replace the girl who quit! Vanessa tries to explain the misunderstanding, but he won’t listen and through compassion she decides to help him.

They both fall in love while she looks after him and after he recovers they explore New York city together.

But neither of them realize that the job Vanessa has been offered is to replace Carter in his career as CEO of GainsCorp.

Can their relationship survive this massive dilemma?

Vanessa is torn between the great job offer and the man she has come to love. Once again, she must choose between love and her career.

And when secrets from Vanessa’s path began to resurface, will their bond be able to keep them together? Or will everything fall apart…

The CEO’s Reluctant Lover Series
Book 1: April 2014
Book 2: May 2014
Book 3: June 2014


  • The shortness

It feels too short to handle a lot of things it dealt with (I keep complaining about this so I may try to read longer books). I feel it would’ve been better to throw some of the things in earlier/later to develop them further. It just put in too many plot threads in the finale countdown.

  • Slut shaming?
Its that weird thing the men do in books were they go on about how special the heroine is to them but weirdly belittles all the women they were with before. It is either they were all air heads, gold diggers, just for them to sleep with, or whatever. I don’t know if I am explaining this well. Please someone tell me you have experienced this before.
  • Cheese
It had moments of the characters declaring their love for each other which bordered on being too much for my taste. I would rather see/feel their relationship than being told about it. Also, the relationship developed too quickly for it to be a continuation after this.
  • Grammatical errors


  • Romance

I can admit that this book had a way better relationship and story at 30 pages than Pieces of Paper.

  • Woman CEO
So it doesn’t feel like a Cinderella story because both characters have high paying jobs.


The title is not bad but after looking through a bunch of books having the [insert rich man title] it feels like this book could stand out better with another title. I kind of feel like the title doesn’t describe this book well enough.

Something I noticed (not exactly a con or pro or anything) is the lead on the book cover doesn’t match the guy on the cover. I don’t have a problem with this because I know it is probably already an issue just to get a cover with a black woman on it. Also, I like the cover.

Overall this was not a bad book but I  still feel disappointed in the end.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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