Library Checkout & Reviews {39}: So Many Books I Did Not Read

I already diagnosed my brother as the culprit to me getting so many books in these library checkouts. Yeah, he grabbed a bunch of books at the library again.

               Did Not Get Finished

These are either: A. I read the first couples pages did not like it, B.  already DNF in the past or C.  did not think I would like it.


 22798022107032Captain America, Volume 1: Castaway In Dimension Z7933938

A. I read the first couples pages did not like it.

  • Red Hood and The Outlaws- unengaged
  • Constantine (“I’m tough average dude who is bad inside because of the things I make people do or something but I’m good” ugh, unengaged)
  • I kill giants ( My interest got a bit lost when the foreword goes on a minirant about how comics have these covers that don’t match the contents of the story which is bad. I can understand a bit of this because there are times I get a comic that has a awesome cover which makes you think it is going to be x way but its y way. When the person who did the foreword lauded it as an indie book that is better than all these superheroe stories, then the story did not get my interest. I clocked out.)
  • Uncanny Avengers: The Red Shadow (I don’t know whats going on and don’t care. It seems like I don’t like Rick Remenders writing.)
  • Spider-Man 2099 vol. 1 (eh, I think a new up to date Spiderman 2099 would be more interesting)
  • Justice League Vol. 1: Origin (I lost interest and it feels like there is another book that come before this.)
  • The New Avengers vol. 1 Breakout (unengaged/confused on what is going on)

B.  already DNF in the past.

Black Panther

C.  did not think I would like so Preliminary DNF

  1. Death of Wolverine
  2. Suicide Squad
  3. Batman: a death in the family
  4. Captain America Castaway in Dimeinson Z (Rick Remender bulk DNF)
  5. New Suicide Squad vol. 1 (don’t exactly remember the exact Suicide Squad because I had no urge to read this from day one)


Constantine, Vol. 1: The Spark and the Flame18811393


I thought all these would be DNF but they turned out not to be.


Pro: It checks and makes fun of Hal Jordan, can get into the story without needing to read all these other books to understand this one, Sinestro is awesome, the art is really nice too


+cute kids, homeless kid representation,  realistic to the action and thoughts of kids

My Definites

I thought I would finish and like these. I liked most of them.


Magneto, Vol. 1: Infamous22798025

Ms. Marvel vol. 3 brought the cute, funny, and fun!

Ultimate Spiderman vol.2 I find the everything is my fault even though I wasn’t even born, around, or aware spiderman things funny. Only Spiderman can make everything his fault.

Magneto vol. 1 & 2 already read the first issue before even getting this so I knew a bit of what to expect. Magneto is ruthless. There are moments when I think he is going to take the high road like other heroes, nope. I enjoyed volume 1 for the most part but towards the end I started to get antsy about how it seemed to just be him killing people. At the start of the second volume I started to feel he was killing people without an immediate purpose. Then the story went into what is even going on territory (I heard this is because of some crossover) which made the volume two not that enjoyable. I hope that volume 3 fixes things.


I rechecked this one out so this will be  in my next library checkout.

Non-graphic Novels/ Picture Books

Yep, I actually got books that are not picture books or graphic novels. Seeing how things went you can probably tell why this is not a common occurrence.


I recently did a Pre-library Checkout that said I was all into this book. The Three Body is  one of the only two books out of five in the Pre-library checkout that I did decide to continue.

How to go from a continue definitely to a DNF in one chapter…

  1. Take away all that was interesting from part 1.
  2. Insert boring male main character.
  3. Writing go stale too.
I would’ve been totally good if this would’ve been a historical fiction novel without any science fiction elements that just deals with the cultural revolution (that is basically what it was in part 1). It is not only that the new addition of the stale male character but also the fact that the story is not going to be redeemed. The only aspects of the story that I truly was behind was Ye Wenjie and learning about the cultural revolution. I know the science fiction elements are going to be sparse and take forever to appear.  Like I said in my pre-library checkout if the story is going to be slow I have to enjoy the journey. Since I don’t have what made me want to continue the book I’m going to let it go.  DNF

Pros He is just so cute it warms my heart.

Cons Going toward the halfway point I started feeling the 50% shoe drop. The Goblin Emperor  gets comparison to A Song of Ice and Fire series which I was like yeah 🙂 at first. After a while the politics and seeing the same things being illustrated got boring. We get that he is inexperienced and doesn’t know the lay of the land.  I kinda think I’m an action person. I need to feel forward progression. Then again when I think about all I liked about this book it seems to come down to how cute the ears on the characters are. come back


Right now I’m getting put off by the boring letters that I’ve been encountering but this is a good book. I am going to come back to this one later.  come back

Moving On From Closed Doors

The thing that bothers me is I’m not coming back into things that aren’t comics or picture books feeling amazed. I’m coming back to disappointment and boredom. I feel like I came back mostly for the idealization/potential of what all these genres/categories could be (which I notice I do a lot). I take for granted how much comics handle their business and leave. I keep green eggs and haming this, thinking maybe if it is shorter, non-fiction, or whatever things will change. The question to ask myself is when and if I need to finally close the door for good.

Recheck Out

Since the Spider-verse is so big and I meandered a bit I had to recheck this out.



I like most of the spider characters and stories. There are differences in the characters experiences, powers, universes, and etc.


The biggest problem I had with this book is that it jumps around so much. Sometimes it would not even connect stories that connect to each other. For example, you have Spider something #12 then after a couple of other stories we come back to Spider something #13 which directly connects. I feel that this is a necessary evil because it is dealing with different Spider stories at different times in their run. Another thing that got a bit on my nerves is “with great power comes great responsibility”

There were moments were I was like this is so long  not only because of the jumping around but also a few of the stories are lame. I feel that overall it was a very good book that was worth the time and amount of pages that it contained. I left the story ready to read more.


I need to read more comics/picture books.


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