Discontinue or Continue #1

Reading Resolution #4

Review more..

A. comics and picture books I’ve read

B. finish drafted reviews

Finally got around to posting this after five or so months in my drafts folder.













Description: A digital zine about Portuguese super-heroes, gathering 21 young Portuguese artists.

This was fun because it gave me a glimpse into Portuguese culture and mythology. There were some super-heroes that I would read their comic book right now if they were published.

WEIRD Love #2

(from IDW site)

I tried going to different stories to see if my disinterest was based on one or two of the stories, nope. I simply don’t like it. There was not any romance, horror, or crazy weirdness for me to get hooked on. What I did not know at the time of picking this up was I generally like modern comics. This just was not for me.


(from comicvine)

Black Dynamite 2/4

I can see some misogyny peeping through which bothered me (of course this is Black Dynamite so yeah). It feels like something is off from the last issue. I don’t think they know where they want to go with this comic series.

The authors could really dab a little commentary on black issues. Well, they don’t  if they don’t know what they are doing.

Continue and hope the next issue is better


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