Before You Buy More Books Checklist

After buying a bunch of books I decided I wanted to read City of Bones. I mean I really wanted to get this book on a whole different level.  I know part of it is that I watch the show now which I strangely like. Anyway,  I decided to use this want to power bringing down my TBR.   In creating this checklist I did not want to have a number of books or time to wait before getting new books.

My three main goals are:

  1. Get up to date with comics my brother has read.
  2. Empty Shelves
  3. Purge, Declutter, and Organize books

Get up to date with comics my brother has read

My brother has read more comics than I have in result of them being pretty much his only source of reading at school. Also, he just reads comics faster than I do. I think that catching up with my brother is a more fun than saying I will read x amount of comics. My reward for reading each comic is having someone to talk about these comics with.

  • Black Dynamite #3
  • Concrete Park vol. 1
  • Black Panther #1
  • Saga vol. 1
  • Fight Like A Girl vol. 1
  • Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #1
  • Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #2
  • All New X Factor #1
  • Sensation She-Hulk #1
  • Sensation She-Hulk #2
  • Duck Tales #1
  • Space Ghost Coast to Coast #13
  • Futurama #16
  • Thing She-Hulk-The Longest Night #1
  • Rose & Thorn #1
  • Rose & Thorn #2
  • Rogue #1
  • Ororo #2
  • Ororo #3
  • Ororo #4
  • Avengers-The Enemy Within #1
  • Storm + Gambit (one shot)
  • Storm #1
  • Storm #2
  • Storm #3
  • Storm#4

Empty Shelves

1) Goodreads Currently Reading

A. Finish 1 book

B. Get to 50% on all books

2) Book Apps

Read/Purge 5 books from each

  1. Kindle
  2. Nook
  3. Kobo
  4. Comixology
  5. DC
  6. Marvel
  7. Google play
  8. Darkhorse
  9. Marvel unlimited

3) Read picture books

On one hand I want to purge until there is none so I can have space for other books on my shelf. On the other hand I have only a small amount of picture books. Either way I am going to come out of this bringing down my TBR.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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