Current Reading State: Cleansing

I give too much space to books that won’t do anything for me. I have noticed recently many examples that illustrate this point. For example, I was telling someone certain things about The Mortal Instruments series. I realized I know so much about the series even though I have not completed any of the books in the universe. This probably is not that bad considering the series came out around the time when I was still reading young adult books. The issue comes in when I went to the store a couple of days ago and saw the newest book. I knew about it because one of my email subscriptions talked about it. Why do I follow/subscribe to something that tells me about books I am trying to get away from?  One of the big issues in moving forward in my reading is cutting the ties that keep me connected to the toxicness in my reading.


In the past I have mostly focused on connecting-following more people who read what I like to read at the moment. I did not really put my sights on the opposite, cutting cords- disconnecting from the things that keep me connected to toxicness. I say toxicness because the little bit of fiction  (and some of the non-fiction) I’ve read so far this year is making me have reading slumps.

What I am doing so far to disconnect:

  • unsubscribing/unfollowing
  • managing the settings of places that can be converted
  • looking at the bad habits that keep me connected

Arguably, the biggest thing I have done so far is go through my email subscriptions (haven’t done this in years so know that it was time-consuming). Seeing how many company/blogs I subscribed to that are not where I am in my reading interests it is no wonder I had such a hard time moving on. I might do a post on the aftermath of doing this.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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