Dessert & Booze Hacks Review

The Blogging for books cycle starts again.


Hacking just got sweeter.

Massive sweets craving and only your cabinets to scavenge? Friends coming by at the last minute to pre-party and you can’t run to the store? Have no fear, hacks are here. Raid your freezer to find the fixings for a no-bake ice cream sandwich cake or combine three ingredients into an epic sangria. The 75 ideas in Dessert and Booze Hacks are just what you need to pull together awesome-tasting treats and tipples that will blow your mind.


If you watch Buzzfeed hacks on well just about anything then you will enjoy browsing through this book. I liked the design of this book, which has animations and pictures of the food, and I did enjoy finding recipes that I could either buy really inexpensively or create from items I currently have. I didn’t use it for anything dealing with alcohol because I don’t drink but the alcoholic items seemed interesting as well and I might put a nice non-alcoholic twist to them. I think what helps is that a lot of the recipes were simplistic and easy to do/try out so for those like me that don’t cook you can enjoy trying something different. It actually gives solid advise and character in presenting the recipes. I can say that I didn’t do everything in the book, but I do plan to try more in the future. An example recipe that I did try out is:

Gummy Bear Popsicles: When I first made the popsicle before getting this recipe book with my family we did not shake all the gummy bears after one hour. Unfortunately they did all sink to one spot which I did not enjoy. Overall, I don’t think I like the gummy bear popsicle, thinking about it now….I don’t like regular gummy bears by themselves. Maybe next time I’ll try to see if sour gummy bears actually improve the recipe.

However I did like the book it’s again great for really affordable and quick alternatives to cooking if you are a person like me who either doesn’t cook or doesn’t really have the time to cook snack items.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.







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