Top Ten Tuesday: Comics That Have Under 2000 Ratings

I don’t know if comic book readers really use goodreads so that may be a major reason a lot of these books having lower ratings.

  1. Howard the Duck vol. 0

Ratings: 363

Hot off the pages of the…well, the post-credits scene at the end of a popular movie…Howard the Duck is back! Join the foul-mouthed fowl, trapped in a world he never made (but has grown accustomed to) as he takes on weird cases that only a talking duck can crack — as the Marvel Universe’s resident private investigator! Howard’s first case begins with the Black Cat but soon goes cosmic, landing him in the Collector’s clutches! But he’s not alone — Rocket Raccoon is a prisoner, as well! Can these two anthropomorphic animals turn the tables and break free? Well, yeah. Plus: Howard investigates a a senior citizens crime spree, teams up with Doctor Strange for some magical antics and learns a lot about new friend Tara Tam, because communication is key. Plus: a SECRET WARS tie-in! Sort of. Collecting HOWARD THE DUCK (2015) #1-5.

I love how fun, funny, and creative comics are.

2. Storm #1

Ratings: 225

Storm does not get enough recognition for how powerful and awesome she is!

3. Hellcat #1

Ratings: 190

Patsy Walker is so goofy I love it. Again, comics being fun.

6. The Infinity Gauntlet #1

Ratings: 61

Black family is main characters in this.

4. Doctor Fate #1

Ratings: 49

This deals with Egyptian gods which I don’t see that much in any other books.

5. Halloween Eve (one shot)

Ratings: 43


Eve has an imagination that’s more than active – it can be downright dangerous! Working late at the costume super-store Halloween Land, she gets lost in her own thoughts until something goes bump in the night. The rubber masks and plastic novelties are coming to life, and Eve must face ghosts, goblins, and gorilla suits made real.

High fantasy and heartbreak in an oversized holiday one-shot by BRANDON MONTCLARE (FEAR ITSELF: FEARSOME FOUR) and Eisner Award nominee AMY REEDER (BATWOMAN, MADAME XANADU).

7. Cyborg #1

Ratings: 39

I don’t love the cover but the comic is good.

8. Effigy #1

Ratings: 21

After a sex-tape scandal, former Hollywood child star turned Z-lister Chondra Jackson returns to her hometown of Effigy Mound, IL, to find a seemingly impossible crime–a fresh corpse in an ancient Indian burial site. Even weirder, the murder resembles a scene from an episode of her old TV show, Star Cop, a show about a kid detective. As Chondra starts to investigate, she stumbles upon a bizarre cult that worships celebrities as eternal effigies. And these cult members aren’t just worshiping–they’re also ritually sacrificing anyone who defies their veneration of the beautiful and famous. Written by rising star Tim Seeley (BATMAN ETERNAL, GRAYSON, Revival) and illustrated by Marley Zarcone (Black Circle, MADAME XANADU), EFFIGY is a twisted murder mystery and conspiracy tale that examines celebrity, godhood, and the price of fame.

9. Spawn : Resurrection

Ratings: 8

Way better introduction to Spawn than the super 90s television series.

10. Captain America and Mighty Avengers #1

Ratings: 5

[all images are from All synopsis and ratings are from Goodreads]



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