306: Ever After High: Next Top Villain



A brand-new series of school stories from the world of Ever After High!
Duchess Swan and Lizzie Hearts are roommates at Ever After High. While their personalities are very different, they bond over not quite fitting in with the other Royals. Lizzie, however, has one thing that Duchess doesn’t: a happily-ever-after at the end of her story.
While Lizzie and the other princesses train for the day when they will rule their kingdoms, Duchess is torn between her role as the perfect, dutiful princess and her rebellious ambition to be a queen. When both girls are selected to attend General Villainy class, Duchess sees an opportunity to be a rebel while following the rules. But can she play a prank on her roomie to ace the class? Find out if Duchess’ desire to change her destiny will make her Ever After High’s Next Top Villain!

The Good

I’ve heard a lot of stuff about Duchess Swann, mostly about how evil/mean she is. I am totally cool with that. I get annoyed with the overuse of girls who have ‘nice” personalities=good. I know that this series is for kids so there is an overemphasis on niceness. Cleo, Toralei, and Nefera are some of the most interesting characters in Monster High. Toralei and the Werecat Twins are really how I got into Monster High. Ever After High does not have that many mean characters. I don’t have something against nice girls but the box that being a nice girl can put girls into. A lot of characters who are nice girls lose their complexity.  Mean girls are allowed to have questionable motives and actions.

  1.  Duchess Swan she is allowed to be not a so nice girl character she is ambiguous. She is not a mean character to me like everyone was saying she was. For the longest time throughout my status updates on goodreads I was like “waiting on Duchess to be this mean chick they seem to think she is”.
  2. Question of good and bad not only with Duchess but all the other characters (especially the adults. I could go into an entire thing about Bad Wolf)
  3. I liked the portrayal and appearance of Daring.
  4. It just was plain fun to read.
  5. It’s fun seeing the different characters point of view about people

This made me want a purely evil character after reading it (which I got with Faybelle in Fairy’s Got Talent).

The Bad

There is a lot of time spent on set up to the General Villainy plans and only maybe 50 pages was spent on when the plans actually happened. I feel that the stories were not epic, it felt more like a couple of webisodes. I’m sadly going to compare this story to the Shannon Hale Ever After High series. I felt those felt more epic and there was more time spent on the action/adventure (well, at least the first book).


Reading this book made me remember the magic of this series that has been waning over the books. It hurts me to say it is completely missing with Truth of Hair. It makes me remember the everydayness that this series had over the Shannon Hale ones. Come back Ever After High to your magic please.


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