Top Ten Tuesday: What To Do When Your School Library is LAME

After going to my school library today my suspicions were proven correct, my new school library is kind of lame. Not that libraries (especially school ones) are just places to get books but when the only thing I looked forward to when starting school is going to the library, this can suck.


1.Check the Catalog

Sometimes books don’t appear at the library are present on here.

2. Interlibrary Loan Stuff

See if you can get books on loan from  neighborhood libraries.

3. Investigate e-book area(s)

4.  Find Library Strengths

What I found is that each library has a particular strength. My first school library had a lot of books by people of color, an entire room of picture books, and  two isles of graphic novels. It was probably the best library I’ve gone into other than the public library. It even had books that I couldn’t get from my public library. The last school library before the one I am enrolled into now had  books in Japanese. Even though it has been a while since I have tried to learn the language this still is  cool.

5. Expand your horizons

In result of going to the above mentioned library I really got into picture books.


6. Get Into the Other Things Available

Such as using free quiet rooms or getting help from librarians. Also, libraries are not only places for books so yeah.

7. Bare Minimum It

If it comes down to it just go to your library to study and get other stuff done.

8. Use public library System

9. Read Books You Own

Even though you could still do this if your library is amazing.

10….Borrow Books From People

I am not a borrower but I have heard that a lot of people borrow books from friends/family.









Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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