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I decided to pair books I got for cheap recently with books that are a bit harder to access.

Moth and Spark16248223

Moth and Spark 

Prologue+Chapter 1

Liked: dragons big presence in this world, dragon riders, possible people of color (dark skin background character which is actually probably not that amazing because he is in the back ground and feels like a once off who will disappear into the distance to never be seen again. Writing this post it now makes me think the main characters could have been people of color so yeah probably not all that.)

Disliked: I can feel this distance/disconnect from story. Yeah there is dragons, dragon riders, and such but I don’t feel really into the story.

Ghost Bride

Chapter 1

I feel connected to the main character immediately. Even though there are not fantasy elements in your face right away I still like it. I think the focus on family, culture, and getting to know main character sold the story to me.

Moth and Spark vs Ghost Bride


Straight fantasy -Magical realism?

13477883 A Stranger in Olondria

Gameboard of the Gods

Chapter 1

Setting is closest to present day over all the other books I read. Just like Moth and Spark I felt distant from the story.

A Stranger In Olondria

Chapter 1

Ugh, patriarchy (fits story so its cool). It would interesting to see characters with disabilities be main or one of main characters instead of pushed to back (so far).  This story feels very cultural which I like a lot. It was interesting to hear mention of mythology that I don’t read regularly in fantasy.

Gameboard of the Gods vs A Stranger In Olondria

Science fiction-Historical fantasy

Books in series:



It did not escape me that the two books I liked started off heavily getting into the characters culture, selves, and family. It made me think while reading these that I like character driven stories.  They did not even get into the fantasy elements which is something I have gone on so many rants about. As long as the other elements are interesting I won’t get bothered or as bothered by it not doing fantasy/sci-fi stuff. Interesting enough Gameboard of the Gods and Moth and Spark went straight sci-fi/fantasy, eh. I guess because they did not do anything different or interesting.


I will finish A Stranger In Olondria and The Ghost Bride. Gameboard of the Gods and Moth and Spark I will not end up finishing just because I feel a lack of connection to them. A Stranger In Olondria was the best I think.


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