Allegedly Readalong: Chapter 1-4 (Spoilers)

I enjoyed doing the chapter feelings and questions for Allegedly so much that I wanted to continue doing them.

Disclaimer:  so much happens in each chapter that I will either forget or not have the time to cover. It will simply be the most pressing thoughts and questions I have while reading each chapter.


Chapter 1

I already did a reaction to chapter one here.

Chapter 2

Q: Has a child ever gotten the death sentence?

A: Yes, according to the Death Penalty Information Center 22 inmates in modern era (since 1976 the reinstatement of death penalty) under 18 got the death penalty prior to the 2005 case of Roper v. Simmons which ruled death penalty for those under 18 unconstitutional. Kind of morbid but yeah.

Q: Does a child deserve death?

Mary story makes me think about how much you can blame on a child. I do not think this will be the novel to deal with a heavy question like this, honestly.

Q: What time period is this book supposed to be in? It mentions 106 & Park and Trey Songz.

A: It is of course contemporary so current day. I give Tiffany Jackson major points for using AAVE in a way that does not feel per formative.

Q: How old is Ted? Their relationship is so dubious. I expect the worst because that is what usually happens.

Q: How did the baby (Alyssa) die?

A: We learned that she was 12 weeks= two years old. She died by strangulation and with a lot of bruises on her body.

There are little comments still like Mary saying she did not mean to throw Alyssa that alludes to even more to the story.

Q: What is the difference between baby jail and juvie?

A: Basically, she was in real jail but as a 9 year old.

Answering this one question brings up so many other questions. Q: How savvier was Alyssa death that they felt warranted Mary being put in adult jail?

Q: Who is Ted? Boyfriend? Sexy friend? He has to be intimate to have seen her not only naked but for it to bother her.

A: He is her boyfriend who is studying to be an electrician and out of juvie six months for a crime he has not told her about yet. She has not told him about her crime either which she needs to hurry upon since she is famous for her crime.  Alternate theory- Ted is a rich/middle class dude pretending to be poor.

“I have to fall in the ninety-eight percentile, 200 points less than perfect.”- said by Mary.

This puts intelligence into not equaling “evil” or being so special that it negates bad doings. Which is not a good thing seeing as most, if not all, sociopaths/psychopaths are highly intelligent.  If anything this book emphasizes more the flaws in our justice system.

Oh gosh she is pregnant!

Chapter 3

Q: What is the timeline of the crime?

The weirdness of how Alyssa- the baby was found (lying face down). I do not know if that means something.

Q: Are they going to keep the baby? What’s going on with Ted? Will their relationship survive all the secrets?

Q: “Where the hell am I going to live with a baby? The group home?” actual questions from Mary that need to be asked/answered if Mary wants to keep her baby.

I was sad that everyone is against her keeping her baby but I get it from their viewpoint she killed a baby.

Answered Questions:

Q: How old is Ted? Questionable-ness of Ted and Mayra relationship (he is 18 and she is 15 which is the age of a lot of teen relationships).

I don’t necessarily like the I’m smart and everyone else is dumb and the implications that come with it- they deserve this or I deserve everything less than they do because of their intelligence.

I knew it! Alyssa straight up says mom I did the plan (aka lied and said I did it) so can you stop pretending so I can be able to take care of my baby. Her mom acted like she did not know what anything was about.

Q: Is her mom a psychopath? Or has she (mom) deluded herself that she didn’t do it? It seems like a good plan to let child take blame since less jail time it would seem  teens get. Many TV shows/movies/everything not reality use this very plot. We see that this theory is untrue since Mary has taken on a lot- she went to adult jail (confined by herself), group home (and all that come with that), and has lost so many rights (job really want to do, childhood, etc). Her mom doing this is so selfish. Thinking further she (Marys’ mom) probably would have had things worse/really bad thinking about people reaction Mary with the death (they see as a black girl killing a white baby). Her mom is an adult black woman she may have gotten the death penalty no questions asked or redemption accessible.

Q: Did her mom kill baby on purpose? Or accidentally?

Q: Is our main character unreliable narrator?

This big reveal gutted and excited me at the same time. RIP Herbert. I feel his death represents something deeper that I am missing.

Chapter 4


Theory: Mary’s mom is not actually her mom and kidnapped her. Did she (Marys’ mom) kill Mary’s brother?

Well, Ted crimes worse than I thought :\. I give Tiffany Jackson props for his crime actually warranting him wanting to keep it a secret. Other stories would have give him a nice cute crime society has prettified up like stealing.  Also, this is what happens when you have a no questions relationship. Well, I mean even an everything on table “normal” relationship this would more than likely not come out because it is bad.

Q: Is he downplaying his part in the rape?

He said he had nothing to do with it but yeah. I really hope that what he said is as far as he was actually involved in the crime. Always there is a thought at back of my mind about Ted not being true or right for Mary. He is young and does not have everything together. We (including her) know so little about him. Nonetheless, he is all she has got, truly. So far he keeps stepping up when he could not/older more stable men wouldn’t. Ted could still get into fight over ownership of baby even if they take the baby away from Mary.

Q: What evidence did Mary hide in death of Alyssa?

Q: Will Ted be as gracious with Mary secret(s) as she was with his? He still does not know about her secret.


Fat phobia and elevation of main character as smart to distance her from other characters.


I like how the story changes with your perception and the small crumbs to all the questions/mysteries in the chapters. Also, the story not only gives me the mystery to chew on. There are many points where I question the justice system and if characters are right/wrong for feeling a certain way. So far I like it and pray I continue to like it.



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