21 Days of Comics #15-21


21 Days of Comics: #1-7

21 Days of Comics: #8-14- Skipping  for now because it is the longest of the three so it needs a lot more polish.

Since I basically went over the 21 Days I decided to read some comics from Free Comic Book Day 2017.


Monster  High

+Clawdeen and Cleo parts

-Draculaura/Frankie, welcome to monster high world



-not that bad (probably cause my expectations were low)



Loud House

+It is like the show which I like, art


Rebith: Vixen

Why are there teens who keep trying black women?  (in Storm #1 a teenager was yelling at her too about what she has not done like okay lol)

I enjoyed this a lot because it was fun to read. I did not leave it feeling underwhelmed like a lot of other comics have left me.



Jem #14-16

Dark Jem arc was okay. I wonder if my waning interest is because of the Dark Jem arc? I hope that my interest comes back now that this arc is over. I don’t know if I am excited about the Stingers though.


I know me posting this took so long but I’m having problems with comics now so it is not that surprising. I think I am in a bit of a comic/overall reading slump. Part of me feels that I just have not found that comic that gets me super excited. Jem is usually the comic that really is fun but recently it has been a bit underwhelming.


I’m finally organizing my comics. I think that organizing so far is helping me to get a feel for the comics I own. I can be reminded of comics that I forgot about. The only problem is that it is so daunting. Maybe my overall reading (books own/tbr/ and etc) is cluttered. I don’t know. I just want things to get better with comics and not get to the point that I am with novels.

21 Days of Comics: #1-7

Introductory Post

LCSD 2015 Welcome To Showside #1

(Discontinue) Welcome to Showside #1

I was not feeling this  so I discontinued it. My mood, underwhelmed by novels aka five seconds from a reading slump, so my first 21 Day comic book had to be good/amazing. I could not suffer through something I did not like.

Jem #10-13

Neg: Feeling  underwhelmed by Dark Jem because they are not bad enough for my tastes.

Pros: Seeing Rio p.o.v (he was talking about how good a journalist he is but not good enough to know Jem=Jerica which makes me laugh). Number 13 in the series is what I have been waiting for since the entire Dark Jem happened. It made me realize not only was the true ummhm but also the fun of the series was missing in this Dark Jem thing. I only have one (well, two but it is #19 so can’t read it) comic left that I do not want to read it until I get the other ones.


Red Wolf #1-2

This is all I have in the series so far. I enjoyed this the most out of the comics I have read(before I read Jem #13). I can admit that the plot is something you see a lot but it felt like they are doing something interesting with it so far.

I do not know about the horror of disfigured man being the villain but have to read further to see if that is where they are going with his character.

All New All Different Avengers #1

Neg: The stories were mostly bad/eh so it was not necessarily tough to get through but at points not really fun to sit through.

Pos: Funny moments (most of the writing was bad!!!), commentary about fan fiction, nerd culture, misogyny in fan culture, the good bad of fanfic writing.

Where is my momentum?

I just feel that I do not have something propelling me to read comics. I go on twitter, booktube, and etc most of the focus is novels. This is not a new problem or realization for me but it is still unresolved. It has not been helped by the fact that I read 3 out of 4 good novels in 2017.  I was not facing the really horrible stinkers/underwhelming until recently. Being underwhelmed brought me back to the thought of you are not a resident. I am a guest in fiction so I should not be unpacking (really getting into reading fiction). Originally I was supposed to only read 12 novels this year which actually with the way my reading is going I am staying true to this goal. Also, I think since I know I have to work harder to find good novels I put a lot of space into that.

I cannot put all the blame on novels without acknowledging the fact that there is also a feeling of underwhelming in comics too.  I need comics that excite/amaze so I can want to read more. If anything I hope that doing this 21 days of comics will make me get back into reading comics more.

(all images are from comicvine)

21 Days of Comics….

Looking at my goodreads 2017 ratio

47 books total

4 novels- does not bother me because novels are hard for me to finish

32 picture books- like wow

11 comics- usually my picture book and comics  reading are neck and neck.

It just shows I have not been reading comics enough this year which is a problem. So I decided to do something that has been on my mind to do for a while. I am going to do a reading of 21 comics in 21 days to get myself back into comics.

Dates 4/15/17-5/6/17 (it is ending on Free Comic Book Day)

So I purged/finished some comics in time to get even more comics


  • Physical copies- so there is a physical checklist of finishing/letting go of
  • Like > Testing- gonna try to focus more on comics I know/think I will like. So no comics that I own that I have a huge feeling I will not like but want to read to get rid of.
  • 21 Comics in 21 Days- I have not decided if I want to exclude volumes or not since I more than likely will only get single issues at free comic book day. If I count volumes then I have to think about if volumes count towards just 1 of 21 or more since they are multi-issues.
  • Challenges are not concrete- so I can complete 1, 2, or none if it comes down to it. More than anything it is about having fun. Also, I might add more challenges if I think of something cool.


  • Finish an entire series
  • Pick a few from TBR Jar
  • Get up to date on a series

I learned my lesson from my last (challenge? readathon? I don’t know) thingy Before You Buy More Books. I am not going to do a concrete TBR but I do have some books I want to read in mind. Since it is starting today and I have not read a single comic yet… I will get started on reading my first comic.

Waiting To Exhale: Comics TBR (TP)

In 2017 my family plans to not go out as much (acquiring books) so that we can save money and finish books I own.


  1. Black Panther

I got this for Christmas so I will be reading this soon.


2. Saga vol. 2

I am so far behind in this series.



I heard it is about machismo thus masculinity and homosexuality.


4. Nighthawk

It starts off already with the main character beating up racists in the first page which was very funny. I need to fully get into this so I can finish it.


5. Cold Space

It is good to find some sci-fi so I can wean myself off of reading so much science fiction novels. I’m always in want of sci-fi and fantasy novels even though I do not like majority of them.


  • Read indie (some artsy)  comics
  • Own books~ read way more
  • Get up to date on series currently reading (making tbr for this soon)
  • Do one post at least a month about comics
  • Read more own voices and diversely


#Diverseathon Wrapup: Comics & Picture Books

(Dates: Sept 12-19)




This book (and most wordless books) force you to really look at the art. A lot of the time I look but am focused on reading the text so I miss a lot of things. I really appreciated the different art style and structure of the book.

It is in French I believe but it still lets you get an idea of how this book is structured.


It is interesting that what this book is about is different from my interpretation.  I don’t want to spoil/warp someone else interpretation of the book so I can’t go into that aspect.  I did like it for the art and story.

Sept. 13


I seriously need to read more books that deal with South American in general culture! I really liked the different art styles used for this picture book. Viva Frida helped me to learn more about Frida Kahlo, who I need to read a non-fiction book about soon.


+You can really tell when there is a #ownvoices because it sounds authentic (I could  hear my cousin in the little boy character), Art,  all kinds of diversity background, creative, looking at beauty in your surroundings (especially in poor neighborhoods which you are told are ugly and etc all the time),  It has commentary/stuff that adults can get out of it too.


+Art, creative story (this story stands out compared to other stories)

It has a sense of loss which makes it feel kind of sad. It is the viewpoint of someone who is older retelling a story basically saying I remember when.

I don’t like the heavy emphasis on the men of the  civil rights movement without any women being shown.


+Art, thing we do to get through rough periods, depict depression/sad period because of point in life.

I like that it is bringing depression and sadness to a younger audience. We as a society don’t talk about sadness, depression, mental illness, and etc enough. There is so much put on strength=being emotionless/hiding or holding in emotions.

Sept 16


I could tell what this one was about and I liked it. I like the commentary that came out of this.


I liked its message about accepting yourself. It is also important to show a black girl being encouraged and beating the odds.


The art is good but the story was o.k. I understood what was going on at the beginning but I started getting confused towards the middle. Of course I did not read what it was about before reading it. What is the fun of a wordless book if you know what is about before reading it?


+Art, commentary on one child rule/Chinese culture

~On Wordless Picture Books and Graphic Novels

I don’t know if I like authors telling you what a story is about instead of letting you interpret it yourself. I can understand why many of these books explained because what the books are portraying kids (and many adults) may misunderstand what they are about.

Overall, I really enjoyed all the books I read. Most of them were creative and unique  which does not always happen with picture books. This makes me want to seek even more diversity in picture books than I already do.

Library Checkout:#Diverseathon

At first I was just going to read the books I own, sample some books, and utilize my e-library. Then I had an actual reason to go there other than fun books I decided to just get books for #diverseathon  from there too.



I came to library for  this to help me review Chemistry I stuff.


Isn’t it fitting I would find a book by an African American woman chemists about African American women chemists while taking Chemistry.


Kind of know what this is about but not really.

Picture Books/Comics

Some of these books are hard to distinguish if they are comics or picture books.


Zero-Few Words


9066002 17658592


Regular Picture Books





My library just got vol.7 so now I can finally finish this series.


Not Gonna Read Reads

Most of these are for my brother.


Bigfoot: I Not Dead is one of the books that has been on my goodreads tbr the longest. I cannot even read it because it is actually a sequel.


25319027 24926259


Back to Comics I’ll Actually Read





Second Chances?

Both of these first issues confused me so I was apprehensive about buying more of them. So I waited for them to come to the library.

25810226 27247278

So I’m back to going to my public library which is awesome. I really wish I would’ve actually planned going to the library earlier (maybe at least a week ahead) to get more and stuff. I do already have enough but still.

Discontinue or Continue 2/3/16

[comic vine]

 Did not like it from page one because I immediately just did not care about it.  It overall feels like they don’t know where they want to go with this series. I did side eye, Sally-O, the only black girl in the book seemingly existing to service the white girl  main character.



Pro: Harley Quinn makes an appearance (Harley and Ivy relationship is cute).

Con: Poison Ivy and Harley were not fun here. Poison Ivy like All Nighter did not seem like they knew where it wanted to go either. Then the story had one of those we are so feminist moments  -_-  You know when the men are hassling  a woman and they go in and save the woman. It feels surface level.

Overall, I don’t think it was terrible but it wasn’t exciting.



Pro: The main character and everything she did was so cute. That is why it is sad how accurate it is to middle school bullying. A certain part of the story (not trying to spoil anything) had me about to tear up.

Con: I’m not in love with it yet

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur actually reminds me of the Oh No! picture book series.



Pro: It’s feminist, racial and body diversity, addresses racial things especially dealing with feminism, it handled the exposition of the way of the world well (Poison Ivy looking at you)

Pro/Con: don’t know how I feel about the portrayal of the plus sized character.



These comics I read where eh for the most part. I didn’t find anything that I loved but I think that there is potential for the ones I decided to continue.

What is up with these miniseries being slow/meandering? It seems like they don’t know where they want to go. I guess it makes sense why they are miniseries versus ongoing. If they know they are going to be limited run things need to be tighter.

[all images from goodreads except All Nighter ]