Netgalley Reviews: Good Batch

(I got these for review from netgalley)


Children of Blood and Bone Excerpt/Preview (Chapters 1-6)


Cover: is actually representative of what is in the novel. The colors are so eye-catching and vibrant.


  1. Fantasy world- it’s not clunky/info-dumpy, it is interesting to have a world that is majority if not completely filled with black people
  2. How it deals with the problems of the world- the greatest thing about having a world with majority/completely filled with black people is that the story can be intraracial issues such as colorism. It also does a good representation of systematic oppression ( there is even some commentary about misogynoir )
  3. Brutal- the stakes are high and real

I really did not have anything I did not like about it so I’m ready  for it to come out. I’m actually a bit annoyed at myself for sampling something coming out next year in March.


My Nana and Me


Art:  Black girl with black doll, good drawing black people, dream like different images that blend into one

Story: love between grandmother  and her granddaughter


Sweet Dreams, Super Girl


Art: mix comic and picture book-transition for young superhero lovers, poc children

Story: takes everyday lessons and adds superheroes to it


Mr. Crum’s Potato Predicament


Art: colors bright, black people in background (different between black and white features)

Story: actually kinda funny, was history lession without me realizing its a history lesson (didn’t feel messagy)


Netgalley Reviews: Penguin Teen Game-Changers & Starswept & Picture Books


Penguin Teen Game-Changers

Pub: 9/12/17



Pub: 9/12/17

The first five seconds into this one it was a hard no because of the main characters voice did not appeal to me.  I’m not engaged by this one.

+Older heroine who lives a different lifestyle

-pacing (which probably is because (I read a couple of pages of this and knew I did like it.)

Continue? Nope


Jane Unlimited

Pub: 9/19/17

+different view of teens (dropout)

-voice of the characters it felt like they were trying hard to be quirky at times, it did not engage me

Continue? No


Someone Inside Your House

Pub: 9/26/17

I wanted this to do well because I do want more horror non-supernatural young adult to do well.  It is readable. Emotionally I am just not into it.

+Main character is Hawaiian, it was readable (it did not feel heavy)

– It was not scary/suspenseful to me

Continue? No


Things I’m Seeing Without You

Pub: 10/3/17

+Short chapters, different lifestyle (high school boarding school dropout)

-voice of main character

Continue? No


Forest of a Thousand Lanterns

Pub: 10/10/17

I like the description of this the most so I thought I will actually like this one. I was right.

+I really liked the mythology, pace, that it  showed early on it can be dark/gory (saying to me yes I can and will go there). The chapters were short which ties into the pacing and the overall good job she does with giving the world and mythology info.

Continue? Yes


It was an okay sampler, did not like 4 of 5 of the books. There was variety in terms of the characters lifestyles, and genre.

Favorite Cover: There’s Someone Inside Your House

Favorite Book: Forest of a Thousand Lanterns

Other Netgalley Reviews


Starswept (DNF)

Pub: 8/29/17

4% (according to my kindle app)

Like: The setting being a music school in space

Why DNF? The info dump was heavy and I just was not engaged by it.


From Far Away

Pub: 8/8/17

Like: Art, smooth transition, imagery of dark skin woman on cover, showing difficulties that a kid who is not from America would deal with (skeleton)


Tiny Tale of little Pea

Pub: 9/5/17

Like: Ending surprised me (I thought this is what is going to happen, then this will happen, after that it will end like this), art, this is what a person who is the size of Thumbelina would go through (was surprised the cat did not try to pick with him)

Picture Book Reviews: Netgalley

I received all of these picture books for free in exchange for my review from netgalley.


Pub: May 16 2017

Liked: Cute main character and book. She is a rambunctious main character, has the diversity (parents are interracial couple is normalized), art

Disliked: It was very this event is happening then this event is happening (but it is for kids so yeah)


Pub: April 15 2007

Liked: Making worry into a monster that is kind of scary,  lurking and hiding waiting to pounce. In the end I liked that the story not only shows what worry does but also how to combat it.


Pub: Nov 1 2016

Liked: Creativity of plot (made me think of Inside Out at first but it goes beyond that to be more). It is about holding onto something to get through adversity for kids, Latina main character


Pub: Oct 11 2016

Liked: Teaches kids about facing their fears and it is a unique story.


Pub: May 16 2017

Liked: The art is really cute and bright. It is not an obviously you are learning things type of potty training book. If you are trying to get kids to potty train you could sneak this in.

[all images are from goodreads]

#Diverseathon Wrapup: Comics & Picture Books

(Dates: Sept 12-19)




This book (and most wordless books) force you to really look at the art. A lot of the time I look but am focused on reading the text so I miss a lot of things. I really appreciated the different art style and structure of the book.

It is in French I believe but it still lets you get an idea of how this book is structured.


It is interesting that what this book is about is different from my interpretation.  I don’t want to spoil/warp someone else interpretation of the book so I can’t go into that aspect.  I did like it for the art and story.

Sept. 13


I seriously need to read more books that deal with South American in general culture! I really liked the different art styles used for this picture book. Viva Frida helped me to learn more about Frida Kahlo, who I need to read a non-fiction book about soon.


+You can really tell when there is a #ownvoices because it sounds authentic (I could  hear my cousin in the little boy character), Art,  all kinds of diversity background, creative, looking at beauty in your surroundings (especially in poor neighborhoods which you are told are ugly and etc all the time),  It has commentary/stuff that adults can get out of it too.


+Art, creative story (this story stands out compared to other stories)

It has a sense of loss which makes it feel kind of sad. It is the viewpoint of someone who is older retelling a story basically saying I remember when.

I don’t like the heavy emphasis on the men of the  civil rights movement without any women being shown.


+Art, thing we do to get through rough periods, depict depression/sad period because of point in life.

I like that it is bringing depression and sadness to a younger audience. We as a society don’t talk about sadness, depression, mental illness, and etc enough. There is so much put on strength=being emotionless/hiding or holding in emotions.

Sept 16


I could tell what this one was about and I liked it. I like the commentary that came out of this.


I liked its message about accepting yourself. It is also important to show a black girl being encouraged and beating the odds.


The art is good but the story was o.k. I understood what was going on at the beginning but I started getting confused towards the middle. Of course I did not read what it was about before reading it. What is the fun of a wordless book if you know what is about before reading it?


+Art, commentary on one child rule/Chinese culture

~On Wordless Picture Books and Graphic Novels

I don’t know if I like authors telling you what a story is about instead of letting you interpret it yourself. I can understand why many of these books explained because what the books are portraying kids (and many adults) may misunderstand what they are about.

Overall, I really enjoyed all the books I read. Most of them were creative and unique  which does not always happen with picture books. This makes me want to seek even more diversity in picture books than I already do.

Library Checkout:#Diverseathon

At first I was just going to read the books I own, sample some books, and utilize my e-library. Then I had an actual reason to go there other than fun books I decided to just get books for #diverseathon  from there too.



I came to library for  this to help me review Chemistry I stuff.


Isn’t it fitting I would find a book by an African American woman chemists about African American women chemists while taking Chemistry.


Kind of know what this is about but not really.

Picture Books/Comics

Some of these books are hard to distinguish if they are comics or picture books.


Zero-Few Words


9066002 17658592


Regular Picture Books





My library just got vol.7 so now I can finally finish this series.


Not Gonna Read Reads

Most of these are for my brother.


Bigfoot: I Not Dead is one of the books that has been on my goodreads tbr the longest. I cannot even read it because it is actually a sequel.


25319027 24926259


Back to Comics I’ll Actually Read





Second Chances?

Both of these first issues confused me so I was apprehensive about buying more of them. So I waited for them to come to the library.

25810226 27247278

So I’m back to going to my public library which is awesome. I really wish I would’ve actually planned going to the library earlier (maybe at least a week ahead) to get more and stuff. I do already have enough but still.

Before You Buy More Books Checklist

After buying a bunch of books I decided I wanted to read City of Bones. I mean I really wanted to get this book on a whole different level.  I know part of it is that I watch the show now which I strangely like. Anyway,  I decided to use this want to power bringing down my TBR.   In creating this checklist I did not want to have a number of books or time to wait before getting new books.

My three main goals are:

  1. Get up to date with comics my brother has read.
  2. Empty Shelves
  3. Purge, Declutter, and Organize books

Get up to date with comics my brother has read

My brother has read more comics than I have in result of them being pretty much his only source of reading at school. Also, he just reads comics faster than I do. I think that catching up with my brother is a more fun than saying I will read x amount of comics. My reward for reading each comic is having someone to talk about these comics with.

  • Black Dynamite #3
  • Concrete Park vol. 1
  • Black Panther #1
  • Saga vol. 1
  • Fight Like A Girl vol. 1
  • Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #1
  • Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #2
  • All New X Factor #1
  • Sensation She-Hulk #1
  • Sensation She-Hulk #2
  • Duck Tales #1
  • Space Ghost Coast to Coast #13
  • Futurama #16
  • Thing She-Hulk-The Longest Night #1
  • Rose & Thorn #1
  • Rose & Thorn #2
  • Rogue #1
  • Ororo #2
  • Ororo #3
  • Ororo #4
  • Avengers-The Enemy Within #1
  • Storm + Gambit (one shot)
  • Storm #1
  • Storm #2
  • Storm #3
  • Storm#4

Empty Shelves

1) Goodreads Currently Reading

A. Finish 1 book

B. Get to 50% on all books

2) Book Apps

Read/Purge 5 books from each

  1. Kindle
  2. Nook
  3. Kobo
  4. Comixology
  5. DC
  6. Marvel
  7. Google play
  8. Darkhorse
  9. Marvel unlimited

3) Read picture books

On one hand I want to purge until there is none so I can have space for other books on my shelf. On the other hand I have only a small amount of picture books. Either way I am going to come out of this bringing down my TBR.

Top Ten Tuesday: Black Hair Diversity (September 15th)

This list is in no particular order.
 1. Short Short Hair

~Dark Genesis by A.D. Koboah

~The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae


2. Color

I only really see colorful hair on women/girls in either comics or children fiction. I want to see more women having colorful hair outside these two fields.

~Moldylocks and the Three Beards

~Zodiac Starforce #1


Can we get more variety in the hairstyles on women beyond short/long hair being down.


3. Pig Tails

(yes, she has a cute gap in her mouth)

~Think Big


4. Braids

~Fresh Romance #1

5. Pony Tail

~Eartha Kitt Femme Fatale #1

6. Mohawk

~Storm #1


7. Short Curly Hair

Halloween Eve could be considered styled too.

~The Movement#1

~Halloween Eve


8. Long Curly Hair

This one is the one that bothered me. Once you actually get a woman with curly hair it is almost always long. I have short curly hair so that may be why I’m conscious of this.

~Fight Like A Girl #1

~OH NO! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed The World)


9. Short Straight Hair

~Effigy #1

~Sleepy Holow: Providence #1

10. Intersection

The Jem comics are one of the best in variety in hair types.

~Jem and the Holograms #2 and #3

[all images are from comic vine]