Bookish Week 1/20-26

Main Read

  • Roots- most likely will finish next week.

Book Continued/Putting on my Que

  • A Game of Thrones
  • Canterbury Tales
  • Anna Karenina

Right now I’m not into reading these books.

Updating the Que

I was going to start a new book but was not feeling that. So I just picked up one of my books that I started but did not finish. I will only read a little bit, a chapter or so. The goal is to update myself on the books that have been on my started but not finished list  for a couple of months (even years).

  • The Trouble with Brides {Courting Trouble}-has gotten better but the romance is still ehh level.
  • The Ruins of Ambrai- a lot of info dump that I kind of understand.
  • Pope Joan-Yes! the interesting Joan is back.

At least the numbered ones do {Suck}

I was watching a  video talking about book challenges. I have mentioned it a couple of times (probably to the point that you are maybe annoyed with it by now)  but I did the 100 book challenge last year. I did not mention that I did it two years before that. So coming off of doing  those book challenges my feelings are fresh.

I have a love/hate relationship with book challenges.

Why I hate number challenges

  1. Defeats the purpose of reading. (Most readers read because they like reading. But putting a number goal makes your reading about how many books  you can read in a year. Not about how many books did you enjoy in a year.)
  2. Pressure (It puts pressure on people to finish books every week. If you do not read a book every week you will find yourself behind.)
  3. Forces you to read short books. (depending on how fast you read it is going to take you a long time to read a long book. Some long books may take a month or two. When you set yourself up for a challenge it makes you not pick up long books because you are trying to hurry up and finish books.)
  4. Everything else takes a backseat (I have other hobbies. But doing the numbered challenge made me feel guilty for doing those hobbies.)
  5. I have to make the difference. ( Last year I set my goal on 1 on goodreads. If I set it on one it will not force me to do the 100 book challenge,right? So I reached somewhere in 70 at some point in the year. I couldn’t just be at 70 and not go to a hundred. I can not be so close to a hundred and not go there. That is why I cannot see how many books I finish in a year until the end.)
  6. I can’t be tough on books. ( I as a read am tough on books. I dnf books a lot. When I have a week to finish one or two books  and I have spent two days reading a book. Then I realize I do not like it, it is hard to just drop it. It forces me to continue books I do not like or think is decent/okayish.   )
  7. Not consuming the story. ( Reading books faster is all good until you realize you do not know what happened in the book. I cannot tell you how many books I listened to on audiobook that I did not fully absorb. Les Mis for example  I read probably 200 pages and that took me months. At first I was reading and listening to it. Then I decided to rush, only half listening to it on audiobook. It is funny that I don’t know what happened after those 200 pages. What I know is from sparknotes.)
  8. Cutting Corners (Since I have to cover the distance, I face many problems. When I am at 70 and it is november. I started to read short stories, children books, and graphic novels. These were not really the problem and were all pretty enjoyable actually. When it becomes a problem is when you become okay with not fully knowing what happened or caring. You just want to finish a book.)
  9. Need to read faster. ( I saw this woman who can read 400 books in a year. I will admit I was jealous for a while. Then I thought about I can read 400 books in a year. I calculated it and everything. But why would I need to do that. To say I read x amount books in a year. To finish all the books I own and then what. You are reading on someone elses speed not yours.)
  10. Fear that if I do not finish x amount of books in a month something is wrong. (What bothers me is that this fear has been put into me by this challenge. I did not use to have this fear. I used to just read.)

Book challenges work depend on what type of person you are. I am the type of person who plans a lot. I like setting goals to complete them for the most part. I am the type of person who completes assignments ahead of time in school. In other words I can push myself. I do not need a number challenge to make me read. Read for enjoyment. If you read 300 books or 12 books in a year read for enjoyment. When you are at the point that you do not enjoy the challenge let it go.

I am more lenient on myself with challenges that are not about the number I read. I actually see them as goals and it is okay if I do not complete them.

Why I like other challenges

  1. Variety ( it forces me to read different type of books that are usually out of my scope.)
  2. Helps me pick books ( I have serious book choosing problems. It will take me days to pick one book to read.)

Book Goals/Challenges I aspire to do

  1. Out of the Default or the Diversity is Key Challenge ( Characters who have disabilities, different ethnicities, and etc.)
  2. And Then There Were None (Read half the books I own this year. All these challenges are in conjunction to help me finish this goal)
  3. Random Reads
  4. Book to …
  5. Filling the royal tree ( reading all the books that I  have that royalty in them.)
  6. Read More mystery
  7. Read more adult fantasy
  8. Don’t Forget What You Like !! (read books from authors I liked in the past)
  9. Multicultural Challenge ( read books set outside of America)
  10. Random Challenges ( a list of random reading challenges I made up)
  11. America State by State ( books set in America going by states)
  12. A-Z
  13. I love girls in dresses

Book Haul 1/24/13 Weirdness

I am kind of proud of myself for getting only one book. I am excited to get this book but not that super excited. The psychology that made me not get books this far is making me feel guilty for getting a book in the first place. I have to keep up this psychology to make me not go crazy and buy a bunch of books. However,  have to shut it down because not buying books for an entire year seems unrealistic for me.
Anna Karenina

This is the cover for my book. Yes, I finally bought the physical copy. I feel that for some reason I betrayed my eReader by buying the physical copy.

Random: How to get spoiled for a book. Step 1 look up Anna Karenina in google to see how many chapters the novel has. Step 2 on a totally different day, look up a character chart for the novel. I cannot win with this book. A good issue that I might talk about one day is spoilers in classic books. Basically how easy it is to get spoiled and just the top in general.

My rule is to get rid of one book for every book I buy. On to the great challenge of finding a book to get rid of to make space for Anna Karenina.

Settings I would like to see more of

Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Historical  Korea (please let a gisaeng have a major role)
  2. Modern times Asia in general
  3. Historical Africa
  4. Ship
  5. Outside of America
  6. Gods come down and fight (like god of war)
  7. Foreign fantasy worlds based off of foreign myth and lore
  8. Alternate realities
  9. Island (deserted or not)
  10. Underworld

So many settings I want but only  ten spots.

Week of 1/13-19

I would categorize my reading for this year so far as starting a bunch of long books.

Bookish Fever

I have caught Game of Thrones fever from HBO reshowing the first and second season. I checked the first  book  out from the library last year and never finished it. It is one of those books that you need to take your time with.So I broke down and just bought the box set. I am reading the first book for the first time hopefully, all the way through.

  • It is amazing to see the story from a perspective of knowing what happens from way in the future that is  book three.
  • Little golden moments that are not in the show or I missed them

(Minor Rant on Spoilers: So I am reading someones posts on  about the book. The person posting it is reading the book for the first time she asked people to not spoil the story for her. Some people are spoiling the story which is annoying to me even though I read the third book and saw the first and second season. I thought I was immune then someone spoiled something for me. It just makes me so mad. Is it that hard not to spoil something seriously? It is simple anything beyond book 1 is a spoiler. This character developed into… or your right in your predictions for.. is a spoiler. General tip from a Game of Thrones fan to someone coming into the series do not under any circumstances read comments about this series. Spoilers are sneaky and will get you when you least expect it. )

Books Started/Continued
For those books that I read only a little bit of this week. I’m trying to find an audiobook to listen to while doing chores.

  • Martin Chuzzlewits– Started  it a while back to read classic book that I own instead of reading Anna Karenina. Decided to read it some more this week for the same reason. To make a long story short I came to same conclusion as last time just read Anna Karenina
  • Anna Karenina – still cool.
  • Count of Monte Cristo- okay so far. I think I need to read it in addition to listening to it. My eReader is acting like I stole the e-book that is free on the public domain. So hopefully I can stop it from doing that. Then read it.
  • Roots-still reading it. still awesome. Just behind on my reading plan because of The Thorn Birds. I decided to create a new one to put me back on track.

Finished This Week

The Thorn Birds – The beginning half was amazing. The latter half was unbearable and made the entire book feel like a waste.

Group Reads – 1


I found a post I was supposed to post earlier. These are my goodreads group reads for January.

  • Food/Drink related theme (probably will read Wintergirls ) did not like this book and dropped it.
  • Anna Karenina ( Don’t own but got it on my ereader because of reading a little in the store. It is awesome) I’m not feeling it right now. Listening to it on audiobook now.
  • East of Eden (is huge, my edition is a bind up including Wayward Bus. The bind up  is five or six hundred pages. East of Eden takes up four or five hundred pages) Not going to probably read it until I finish either A Game of Thrones or Roots. Unless my mood says otherwise.
  • Count of Monte Cristo (mine is abrighed so need to read on my ereader.) I probably will not get to it because I’m read Roots which is a big book. I started Count of Monte Cristo with Les Miserables last year. It was good as far as I read.
  • ( I probably will go read backlog of books in my group especially on months that I do not own or want to read the books.)

342: The Thorn Birds

I had to put A Game of Thrones and Roots to the side to finish this book. Was it worth it?

wish my copy looked like this. I have the dull movie cover. Then again  this cover  would have been a total waste of makeup.

Powered by the dreams and struggles of three generations, THE THORN BIRDS is the epic saga of a family rooted in the Australian sheep country. At the story’s heart is the love of Meggie Cleary, who can never possess the man she desperately adores, and Ralph de Bricassart, who rises from parish priest to the inner circles of the Vatican…but whose passion for Meggie will follow him all the days of his life.”

The Good
At the beginning the story was incredible. The Thorn Birds had the beautiful setting of Australia. A setting that I have not come across in my reading before. In the beginning the story was about the Cleary family, their struggles. Their struggles as a family and dealing with the setting of Australia which is not kind.  It was also about a cast of characters who were not apart of the family but felt like they were. The good may seem short and vague. Honestly, it is hard to remember the good times and points because all of it went down bad.

The Bad
The beginning of the end of my enjoyment of this book came in the story reaching its latter half and focusing exclusively on Meggie. If Meggie was a better more interesting less irritating character it would have been okay. Most of my issues with Meggies character is  spoilers. Just know that everything that became of her was a waste. The only facet to Meggie’s life and character is her love with Ralph, seriously. Honestly, the love story was not a problem at first. Actually it was pretty enjoyable at first. Then the romance continued and not in a way that was satisfactory. So much going around in circles to reach no end. Where is the awesome family at the beginning of the story? Where is the  interesting setting of Australia? All of the good parts of the story took a backseat to the star-crossed love of Meggie and Ralph. Oh, wait taking a backseat means that they actually mention them. Some characters just disappeared to never be seen again. It seems like the author forgot that she built this ENTIRE family. To give them the off-hand treatment is a disservice to every thing developed in the earlier half of the book. It feels like the first half of the book was a complete waste. If you are not going to do anything else with them but vaguely mention them in the latter half of the book why make the reader invest so much in those characters in the first place? Anyway moving on to my next problem.  The religious aspect in this book was poorly done. It tried to make a certain character the ultimate saintly god loving person. I did not feel it, and it made me think of Les Miserables and Pillars of The Earth who handled it better.  The descriptions of anything became unbearably boring. Years went by in a sentence. People died in anticlimactic deaths. Not people we have known for five pages but characters who have been in the story since the very beginning. Are we really going to give this person a death like this? In a sentence really. Ask me how they died? I have no earthly idea. I actually had to take a double take to realize that character actually even died. I wanted to slap and shake so many of the characters in the latter half. The latter half was just a complete and awful waste of time to sum it all up. Makes me question the whole purpose of this story.

The Meh
The Ending. I read the end of the story and have no feeling towards it. The new characters and  their relationship with anybody could careless. A moment came when I thought that it was all over my enjoyment was not there, then the author threw me a gift(at least it seemed like a gift at the time). I thought she knows that these characters are annoying and I want to give them a slap shake. But at last it did not go anywhere or change anything so it is meh to the tenth degree.

I decided to put A Game of Thrones and Roots two books that I enjoy down. I could not put this book down, I had a feeling that it would not be picked back up. So I pushed myself to finish this book in two days. My eye has hurts and I probably will not be able to read for the rest of this week for this. Well, I get to continue my tradition of my first book of the year being eh.

Books that in my opinion did it better
On the religious aspectLes Miserables by Victor Hugo
Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
Not abandoning the setting, characters, my interest~ Lonesome Dove by Larry Mcmurty

I know I keep mentioning these books but they are good books. Also they are the only big books that I have read.