Bookish Week 2/10-16

Pope Joan- I liked it. I just feel that the story and Joan did not reach their full potential.
Switchcraft- It left much to be desired.

Updating the Queue

  • Balzac and the little seamstress-  Dumped. I was not feeling it.
  • Deep in the Heart of Trouble { The Trouble With Brides}- I think the story for this one is better so far than Courting Trouble.
  • A Game of Thrones-not into. Just need to read it in March when the commercials will give me Game of Thrones fever.
  • Anna Karenina-good.
  • Fools Die – surprised by how good this book started off.


  • Thinking about how much holding on to books under the excuse of giving them a chance. It is time to be ruthless and get rid of more books.
  • If I get in the 200s for books left to read, I would be so happy.
  • I find it weird that I heard about the Pope retiring while reading Pope Joan.
  • Giving away books is fun. I gave my little cousin some books. I feel like I am helping a fellow reader. I wish people I knew some people who actually read. So I could get and give books.
  • 24 hour book break. I was not into reading and wanted to watch my Taiwanese show, Love me or Leave Me. ( I did not finish seeing it because Hulu started acting up. I started watching Temptation of a Wife.)

Plans for next week

Finishing two books this week makes me want to finish more books. Strange Addiction is back. I want to read something that corresponds to the commercials on there. There are 12 commercials since there are two episodes. That is 120 pages if I read ten pages each commercial break. Honestly, I have a feeling that my plans are not going to work out. I feel like a reading slump is coming along. That is going to be so fun.


Bookish Week 2/3-9

Main Read

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Updating the Queue ( I have been misspelling it for weeks now)

  • Sacajawea- good but feels like something is missing. I think it is feels rushed, the author does not make me care about the characters, and a lot of things happen that make no sense. I am excusing all of this because the Lewis and Clark part is going to be long. I hope that is why the author is not spending that much time making me relate to the characters. All was okayish, interesting at times.Then something happened that made me hate every character except Sacajawea. I’m going to be honest do not get creeped out. I hope Lucy from Elfien Lied or Carrie  comes and just annihilates the entire village leaving Sacajawea by herself. I thought about it. It is getting dropped. 100 pages and no character investment in a 1300ish book. I just cannot stop thinking about what was I feeling 100 pages into Lonesome Dove, Roots, Les Mis, or even Pillars of the Earth. I have so many books on my shelf. I don’t have time to question should I, shouldn’t I. It probably would have been better as a non-fiction book. That was the only interesting part of the book the customs and stuff.
  • Snow Falling on Cedars- I do not like how it is written.
  • Life of Pi- I don’t like how it is written. So it is put to the side tell next month when the movie comes out on dvd.
  • Tale of Desperaux- I don’t care about the characters so it is dumped.
  • The Secret History of the Pink Carnation- seems like average historical fiction fare. The main characters need something to stand out. Put to the side until further notice.
  • Twentieth Wife- It is really good. The main character seems to get favor easily which is kind of annoying. Put to the side until further notice.
  • Hunchback of Notre Dame (THOND) – awesome. I somehow always amazed at the readability and action in classics. Victor Hugo, I love your books but please stop doing entire chapters about the architecture of France.
  • Me Talk Pretty One Day-okay. Not a memoire person so that might be it. Put off to the side.
  • A Dark Thin Line- good prologue. I felt like I was missing something. I realized it is part of a series.Put off to the side until get first book.
  • Vampire Lestat- Its cool. I think I need to commit to read instead of reading it here and there to get the enjoyment out of it.
  • Anna Karenina – Really good. I find myself reading it even though I am supposed to be taking a break from it.
  • Sultans Wife-okay. It probably suffers from me starting 4 other historical fiction novels. Put down for later.

Random Thoughts/Phases

  1. How many books can I finish in a month? I had this brilliant (and by that I mean was going to fail before it got started) idea of pick 15 books to read a little bit of everyday. So that I could read at the least 11 books a month. That would be 122 books at the least at the end of this year. The main problem is that I felt pressured first of all. Second reading  a little bit of 15 books could make up my entire day. Thirdly, I just did not feel like it after picking 7 or 8 books.
  2. I looked at my reading number in 2011, to see if I am behind or head of myself in books finished. I am actually on track which makes me laugh. I need to chill it out with worrying if I am behind.
  3. Is this what ya readers think all adult literature is like? ( in response to trying to  reading Life of Pi and Snow Falling on Cedars) I just want to pick up a good adult book and put it into their hands. This is not all of adult literature. We can do better. I can do better.
  4. I am still infuriated/sad by there not being enough people of color in historical fiction.

Bookhaul: 25 books, do not worry. This book haul has made me realize I have been being too nice with a lot of these books. It is time to drop some books like there is no tomorrow.

Plans for next week

I am going to finish Pope Joan and Balzac and the little chinese mistress.  I have only under 200 pages left for these books. I’ll listen to Anna Karenina on audiobook. So that means Hunchback of Notre Dame is probably going to be put down until next week.

Bookhaul 2/8/13

My blog decided not to show most of the pictures.

Historical Fiction 
  Native Americans
Even though just yesterday I was thinking  that I do not like Native American stories. I just feel that I need to give Native American stories another chance.

Let the Drum Speak by Linda Lay Shuler- This one is apart of another series.

And in usual fashion I did not find the first book in either of the series.

Latin American

Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros


The Time In Between by Maria Duenas


Jasmine Nights by Julia Gregson


The Wedding Officer by Anthony Capella


Shanghai Girls by Lisa See- To find this book after going on my rant about historical fiction is pretty nice.
Authors Liked in Past
Beauty’s Punishment by Anne Rice.-I just realized that my cover is very naughty. This cover is the clean version. I’m not probably ever going to read this. I want to collect all of Anne Rice books.

Late Child by Larry Mcmurty-turns out it is a sequel

One Piece volume 3 by Eiichiro Oda – I need to find more manga to read.

Switchcraft by Mary Castillo  – I did not realize until later this is by an author I read before. I hope it is good. A lot (at least the ones I have read so far)  of the body switching books are okay at best.


 Blood On The Vine by Jessica Fletcher and DonaId Bain-(written based on off of  Murder She Wrote) read a book in the series I think last year. It was okay. I hope this one is better.

Anatomy of Murder by Imogen Robertson- I did not realize until I got home that it is an arc. The book was to be release last year on February 20th. It would be awesome to read this book before it reaches its first year anniversary. I probably won’t though. I need to take a long break from historical fiction. Oh, wait turns out it is a sequel also.

Death of Kings by Bernard Cornwell- apart of a series that I do not have the first of. These sequels and series are killing me.

Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews


Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley- This book is nicely designed. I’m going to be honest. I do not think I will like this book. It seems to be about popularity and school. I’m completely not into that. I like the book design. Yeah, I only got this book for the design.

Little Women and Werewolves by Louisa May Alcott and Porter Grand

Special Interest

All Things Bright and Beautiful by James Herriot – Animals are awesome!

Gypsy Lady by Shirlee Busbee – turns out she is not a gypsy. So that interest will not be fulfilled.


The Town by Chuck Hogan

Fools Die by Mario Puzo


The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards

Why isn’t there a gisaeng?

I do not know if I have already said this but I love asian culture and  historical fiction. One of my hobbies is looking at asian dramas, specifically Korean. One day after watching an awesome historical korean drama, I had a thought. It would be awesome to read about a gisaeng, a more or less korean geisha.

So I went on google and excitedly looked up gisaeng. What I found made me mad and sad. It sad because asian dramas and culture shows so much more. There is an entire place that is not getting reported on. It makes me so mad because I know for a fact that Korea has so much rich culture. To all historical fiction authors we know that you have all the English families covered can we move on now. I like historical fiction set in England but to realize that is ALL there really is to the historical fiction genre is very annoying/boring.

My Historical Fiction Wishlist

  • Korea ( with a gisaeng would be nice )
  • African America that is not slavery or civil rights movement
  • Africa
  • Anywhere in South America
  • Asia in general really
  •  African-Americans in foreign countries ( like France)
  • Poc in foreign countries
  •  Anywhere outside of America ( that has nothing to do with world wars)
  • Exception: native americans,  it can be in america but just not dealing with any of the world wars, maybe showing the history of a race that is not the average players

Here are some sites if you are like me and have a historical fiction wish list. If you have a historical wish list please comment or post it. in-historical.html#comment-form  (ya/mg recommendations)  (accurate description of how black history is represented)  (find book using a google map)

Bookish Week 1/27-2/2

Finished This Week

Roots  – The beginning was beautiful. Then as the story went on the beauty kept fading. It is still powerful. I just find myself not feeling that sad or emotion toward it now.


  • Our Old World Background (inherited it from my great-grandfather)

Updating Que

    • Anna Karenina– putting down for a while. Not feeling it right now.
    • Exiles (Ruins of Ambrai)-  the work that the author put into creating the world is cool ( graphs and stuff in the back of book) but feels wasted because… feels like style over substance,characters are not built ( do not understand why characters did what they did), and still don’t exactly understand the world. I thought of other fantasy books that I’ve read so far that did/does it better. Verdict: DUMP. Overall it just felt like nothing was happening.
    • Pope Joan– really good but not on the level of when it first began.The annoying love took the magic out of the book.
    • World Without End–  the problems with putting books down for a long time and picking them back up. It is really good so far but I do not remember exactly who every character is and their story.
    • King Arthur and His Knights -DUMP maybe. I want to get another edition that is not confusing.
    • Courting Trouble –putting it down because it is romance. It is good. I just want the building of the romance to be better.
    • Alyzon Whitestarr– putting down because it is ya. It is actually not bad but I am taking a break from ya for a long time.
    • Before I go to sleep– good so far. I kind of want it to be a mystery novel but it is a psychological thriller.
    • Hunchback of Notre Dame– Victor Hugo’s birthday is on February 26th so I’m hoping to finish it by that date. I’m always surprised by how easy it is to get into most classic books. I listened to the first two chapters which made the book feel disjointed. I’m going to have to read this book for the most part. I do not want to do the same thing I did with Les Miserables.
    • Mythology by Edith Hamition- all the awesome supernatural creatures and gods. Awesome!
    • A Game of Thrones (AGOT) -read some more still not into it. I will put it down for a while again. I wanted to finish it before Game of Thrones Season 3 comes out but that does not seem like it is going to happen now.

Random Realizations

  1. I have been reading a lot of historical fiction.
  2. The 100 book challenge was not the only factor in my reading all the time versus doing any other hobbies. I am not all that into my other hobbies right now. This week there were so many people who came over to my house so I could not get on the computer and watch my Korean dramas. So the only thing I could do most of the time is read.
  3. I need to read more nonfiction
  4. I have so many books. First, when my mom helped me organize my room.  She had to help me find places to put my books. I only have two shelves ( a small one and a tall one). Second, when my shelves on my tall bookcase were about to break.

341: Roots

When I read the book I did not look at the synopsis.  All knew about it was from what  I remembered from the miniseries.I chose not to put the synopsis because I don’t like it. I feel that for one thing it is too long. In addition it takes away from the ending of the story.

Even before starting Roots  I knew about the plagiarism in general terms. When I finished it so many things popped up.plagarism. forgery. didn’t write the book. The story was really discredited.
I should hate this story now. But I do not.


The Good   The strongest point in the story is when it is with Kunta Kinte. That is when I loved the book. The setting of historical Africa was interesting. I felt like I was there. I cared about every character in the village. I was so invested in the story. I was invested with Kunta Kinte because of seeing him grow from a baby.  Something that really surprised me is that is not just a slave story. There were so many topics that could be  and need to be discussed such as how Americans view Africa. The Ending was emotionally satisfying. I read this book in a month. Yes, I read this book for an entire month. I have to really like a book to read it for that long. Even books that I really like get put down after a week or two.

The Meh the latter half of the book, specifically the characters. They were not fully fleshed out. That is crazy to say about a 688 page book that it felt rushed but it did.

Final Thoughts What surprises me is that I do not have that much to say about the story. Also, when I think about it now I don’t feel that feeling of instant excitement. I feel not that much towards it now. I have to reminisce about the beginning to feel something.

I’m happy that I finished my first book in my goal to read books with different type of characters. It really opened my eyes and makes me want to read more books with characters who are outside of the norm. I would encourage whoever is reading this to do the same.

January Update

Blue=missing the first or next book to read the series
1. Crooked by Laura and tom McNealthe
2. Lost in translation by Nicole Mones
3. On the street where you live by Mary Higgins Clark
4. Bury me deep by Megan abbot
5. Mistress of the art of death by ariana franklin
6. The fountainhead by ayn rand
7. I know why the caged bird sings by Maya angelou
8. A separate peace by john Knowles
9. Ramona by Helen hunt Jackson
10. great expectations by Charles dickens
11. hard times by Charles dickens
12. mommie dearest by Christina Crawford
13. prince jack frank spierring
14. the vampire lestat by Anne rice
15. by arne tangerlini
16. Aztec by Gary Jennings
17. Nicholas nickleby by Charles dickens
18. The weirdo by Theodore Taylor
19. One hundred years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
20. The confessions of charlotte Doyle by avi
21. Me talk pretty one day by David Sedaris
22. A passage to India by e.m. foster
23. Lost and found by Carolyn Pankhurst
24. The rose labyrinth by titania hardie
25. Japanese Americans by harry h.l. kitano
26. The unknown warrior by Gerald Seymour
27. Waiting by ha jin
28. This other Eden by Marilyn Harris
29. The good earth by pearl s. buck
30. The Hindi bind club by Monica pradhan
31. Tess of d’urbervilles by Thomas hardy
32. the shack by wm. Paul young
33. beware, princess Elizabeth by Carolyn Meyer
34. samurai by saburo sakai
35. zero Eric van lustbader
36. snow falling on cedars by David guterson
37. rising sun by Michael Crichton
38. the Japanese corpse by janwillem van de wetering
39. an American in japan, 1945-1948
40. everything must go by Elizabeth flock
41. when the elephants dance by Tess uriza holthe
42. the laws of evening by Mary yukari waters
43. Whispers by dean r. koontz
44. the great secret by Ron Hubbard
45. nine days a queen by Ann rinaldi
46. Ivanhoe by sir Walter Scott
47. The portrait of a lady by henry James
48. The count of Monte cristo by adam dumas
49. The Russian concubine by kate Furnivall
50. Neighbors from hell by frank field
51. V by a.c. crispin
52. The king of dragons by carol fenner
53. The secret of nimh by Robert c. O’brien
54. A vegetarian sourcebook by keith akers
55. Dragonwings by laURNCE YEP
56. The catcher in the rye by j.d. salinger
57. The queen of the damned by anne rice
58. Voyager by Diana gabaldon
59. the girl who played with fire by stieg Larsson Dumped
60. academy x by Andrew trees
61. bleak house by Charles dickens
62. the Anastasia syndrome and other stories by mary Higgins clark
63. beloved by toni Morrison
64. Mrs. Frisby and the rats of nimh by Robert c. o’brien
65. The birth of venus by sarah dunant
66. The joy luck club by amy tan
67. The thorn birds by colleen mccullough 
68. Moby dick by herman Melville
69. Shadow of the dragon by sherry garland
70. Brave new world by Aldous Huxley
71. The lady Elizabeth by Alison weir
72. The winter queen by ris akunin
73. The sugar queen by sarah Addison allen
74. The rising by temple Mathews
75. The price of greed & malice
76. Laura rider’s masterpiece by jane Hamilton
77. The personal history of Rachel Dupree by ann weisgarber
78. Falling leaves by adeline yen mah
79. The runaway jury by john grisham
80. Bubbles a broad by sara strohmeyer Dumped
81. dragonfly in amber by Diana gabaldon
82. patience, princess Catherine by Carolyn meyer
83. The looking glass war by john le carre
84. Secrets of the Tudor Court: Between Two Queens by Kate Emerson
85. Figures in Silk by Vanora Bennett
86. Silent Ocean Away: Colette’s Dominion by DeVa Gantt
87. A thread of sky by Deanna fei
88. candy by kevin brooks
89. kissed by an angel by Elizaebeth chandler
{Kissed by an angel, the power of love, soulmates}
90. the ladies of grace adieu and other stories by Susanna Clarke
91. the Mercedes coffin by Faye Kellerman
92. scruples by Judith
93. zoya by Danielle steel
94. two to conquer by darion Zimmer Bradley
95. the regatta mystery and other stories by Agatha Christie
96. A certain justice by p.d. James
97. A holiday for murder by Agatha Christie
98. A thin dark line by Tami hoag
99. A gentle feuding by Johanna Lindsey Dumped
100. The alibi by Sandra brown
101. The witching hour by Anne rice
102. Faeries gone wild by anthology:, Lois greiman, Michele hauf, leandra Logan
103. First blood by anthology: Susan sizemore, Erin McCarthy, Chris Marie green, meljean brook
104. Unicorn mountain by Michael bishop
105. The importance of being Ernestine by Dorothy cannel
106. The jasmine trade by Denise Hamilton
107. The red tent by Anita diamant
108. Leotas garden by Francine rivers
109. The triumph of Katie Byrne by Barbara Taylor Bradford
110. Life of pi by yann martel
111. The house of a thousand lanterns by Victoria holt
112. The sad truth about happiness by Anne giardini
113. Murder for Christmas by anthology
114. Abundance by sena jeter naslund
115. All together dead by Charlaine Harris
116. The book thief by Markus zusak
117. Wicked 2: {legacy, spellbound} by Nancy holder, Debbie vigue Dumped
118. Sex, lies, and vampires by Katie Macalister
119. The huntress by Susan Carroll
120. The other side of the mirror by marion Zimmer Bradley
121. Santa baby by Jennifer crusie, Lori foster, Carly Phillips
122. Stray by Rachel Vincent
123. Dead after dark by anthology
124. From dead to worse by charlain Harris
125. Gravesite by charlaine Harris
126. Night sins by Tami hoag
127. Christ the lord out of Egypt by Anne rice
128. Fancy by Norah Hess
129. Mythology by Edith Hamilton
130. Tempted all night by Liz Carlyle
131. Seduce me in shadow by shayla black
132. My wicked vampire by Nina
133. The scarpetta factor by Patricia cornwell
134. Crimson by Jordan summers
135. The immortal hunter by Lindsay sands
136. The house of Caine by ken eulo
137. Magic man by Patricia rice
138. Moonlight cove by sherryl woods
139. Dark nights dark dreams by savannah russe
140. Charmed & dangerous by Candace haven
141. Warriors of camlann by n.m. Browne
142. The real story by Stephen r. Donaldson
143. Voice of the heart by Barbara Taylor Bradford
144. A feast for crows by George r.r. martin
145. Lair of bones by David farland
146. Assassin by Anna Myers
147. The third translation by matt bonddurant
148. Savages by Shirley conran
149. Another thing to fall by Laura Lippmann
150. Paperquake by Kathryn reiss
151. Smack by Melvin burgess
152. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
153. The tribe by bari wood
154. The end of the alphabet by cs Richardson Dumped
155. Circle of magic by tamora pierce
156. Murder in the place of Anubis by Lynda s. Robinson
157. Inkheart by Cornelia funke
158. Missing Abby by lee weatherly
159. Poirot investigates by Agatha Christie
160. Congo by Michael Crichton
161. The alchemist’s cat by robin Jarvis
162. Girl in hyacinth blue by Susan Vreeland
163. Robots and empire by Isaac Asimov
164. Seduced by crimson
165. The Dante club by Mathew pearl
166. Exiles by Melanie rawn
167. A civil contract
168. False colours
169. (lady of quality & charity girl) by georgette heyer
170. The mystery of the blue train
171. Murder after hours by Agatha Christie
172. The last wife of henry VIII by carol Erickson
173. The road by Cormac McCarthy
174. Shades of Simon gray by Joyce McDonald
175. Phoenix rising by pip Ballantine & Tee Morris
176. Foundation and empire by
177. Foundation and earth by Isaac Asimov

178. Dianetics by l. ron Hubbard Dumped
179. Mona Lisa overdrive by William Gibson
180. The star scroll by Melanie rawn
181. Sugarplum dead by Carolyn hart
182. Through wolf’s eyes by Jane lindskold
183. Angry lead skies by glen cook
184. Distant waves by suzzane weyn
185. The time traveler’s wife by Audrey niffenegger
186. The red queen by Margaret drabble
187. High stakes by Erin McCarthy Dumped
188. The vampire Armand by Anne rice
189. The seventh tower by garth nix (the fall, castle, aenir)
190. Dead and gone by charlaine Harris
191. Seducing the succubus by cassie Ryan
192. Desperation by Stephen king
193. May the best man die by Deborah Donnelly
194. The winter oak by James a. hetley
195. The blooding by Patricia Windsor
196. Highland spirits by Amanda Scott
197. The snow queen by Joan d. vinge
198. Saint camber by Katherine Kurtz
199. The book of skaithckett by Leigh bracket
{The ginger star, the hound of skaith, the reavers of skaith}
200. Devious by Lisa Jackson
201. Lord of dance by Andrew m. Greeley
202. The moon flower by Phyllis a. Whitney
203. The hunt
204. The amulet
205. The dream by zoe Daniels
206. Allies of the night by Darren shan
207. Fire within by Chris d’ lacey
208. The quest for saint camber by Katherine Kurtz
209. The inside mind of Gideon rayburn by Sarah miller
210. The Bronte Sisters
{Charlotte: Villette, the Professor; Anne: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall}
211. Sins of the Flesh by caridad Pinero
212. Tigana by guy gavriel Kay
213. The dragon token by Melanie rawn
214. The mirror of her dreams by Stephen r. Donaldson
215. The hunch back of Notre dame by victor Hugo
216. Lord of rage by Jill Monroe
217. World without end by ken follet
218. Good omens by Neil gaiman and terry prachett
219. The good fairies of new York by martin Millar
220. The Parsifal mosaic by Robert Ludlum
221. The oath by frank peretti
222. The monk downstairs by Tim farrington
223. Eli by bill Myers
224. Wild by Lori foster
225. A forest lord by Michael Williams
226. Lion boy by zizou corder
227. Girl, interrupted by Susanna kaysen
228. Curse of the wolf girl by martin Millar
229. QB VII by Leon Uris
230. Darkest longings by Susan Lewis
231. Impulse by Barbara Harrison
232. The warrior by kinley Macgregor
233. The house of lost souls by F.G. Cottam
234. The kissing gate by Pamela Haines
235. The chronicles of amber volume 1 by roger zelazny
{Nine princes in amber, the guns of Avalon}
236. The fire within by Ann coombs
237. The priest of blood by Douglas clegg
238. A good woman by Danielle steel
239. War of the oaks by Emma bull
240. The scroll of seduction by gioconda belli
241. Graveminder by Mellissa marr
242. A spell for chameleon by piers Anthony
243. Candles burning by Tabitha king and Michael McDowell
244. The last Templar by Raymond khoury
245. Ghost hunter by Jayne castle
246. The path between the seas by David McCullough
247. Possession by Jennifer armintrout
248. All souls’ night by Jennifer armintrout

249. A break with charity by an rinaldi
250. Jackdaws by ken Follett
251. Prior bad acts by Tami hoag
252. The quincunx by Charles pallister
253. Trinity by Leon Uris
254. Alyson Whitestarr by isobelle carmody
255. Conan the raider by Leonard carpenter
256. The world of tiers volume 1 by Philip Jose farmer
{The maker of universes, the gates of creation}
257. The summer queen by Joan d. vinge
258. Bloodline by Kate cary
259. Orphans of the sky by Robert a. Heinlein
260. Indigara by tanith lee
261. The Canterbury tales by Geoffrey Chaucer
262. The complete adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan doyle
263. Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Crossi
264. Girl with the dragon tattoo by stieg Larsson Dumped
265. The twentieth wife by indu sundaresan
266. The robot novels by Isaac Asimov
{the caves of steel, the naked sun}
267. Secrets of the grave by Tami hoag
268. A cast-off coven by Juliet Blackwell
269. Now to face to face by karleen koen
270. The trouble with magic by Madelyn alt
271. The green hills of earth by Robert a. Heinlein
272. Until you by Judith mcnaught
273. The promise by chaim potok
274. Schrodinger’s cat by Robert Shea and robot Anton Wilson
{the universe next door, the trick top hat, the homing pigeons}
275. The illuminatus by Robert Shea and robet Anton Wilson
{ the eye in the pyramid, the golden apple, leviathan}
276. deadly little lies by Laurie faria stolarz
277. wicked{resurrection} by Nancy holder & Debbie viguie Dumped
278. ironside by holly black
279. the parliament of blood by Justin Richards
280. the seven dials mystery by Agatha Christie
281. the fiery cross by Diana gabaldon
282. misfortune by Wesley stace
283. heresy by s.j. parris
284. before I go to sleep by s.j. Watson
285. the lake by banana yoshimoto
286. dead reckoning by charlaine Harris
287. the book of lies by brad Meltzer
288. a breath of snow and ashes by Diana gabaldon
289. a game of thrones by
290. a clash of kings by George r.r. Martin
291. the fallen blade by jon Courtney grimwood
292. shadowland by peter straub
293. the stand by Stephen king
294. the Lincoln lawyer by Michael Connelly
295. servant of the bones by anne rice
296. the regulars by Richard bachman
297. the girl who loved tom Gordon by Stephen king
298. too rich for a bride by mona hodgson
299. anna Byzantium by tracy barrett
300. the thirteenth tale by diane setterfield
301. {east of eden , the wayward bus} by John Steinbeck
302. Palace circle by Rebecca dean
303. King Arthur and his knights by henry frith
304. Alls fair in love and war by Alicia fields
305. Comanche moon by larry mccurtyr
306. Sacajeawea by ann lee waldo
307. Legends II by anthology
308. Murder on the orient press by Agatha Christie
309. Soulmate by rosamond smith
310. The diamond age by neal Stephenson
311. Song of the sparrow by lisa ann sandell
312. Kill the messenger by tami hoag
313. The day of the locus by nathaneal west
314. The lies that bind by kate Carlisle
315. A day no pigs would die by Robert newton peck
316. Martin chuzzlewit by Charles dickens
317. Balzac and the little Chinese seamstress by dai sijie
318. The serpent in the garden by janet Gleeson
319. Emma brown by clare boylan
320. The Victoria vanishes by Christopher fowler
321. On agate hill by lee smith
322. Tuck by Stephen lawhead
323. the kommandant’s girl by pan jenoff
324. the masque of the black tulip by lauren willig
325. unholy awakening by Michael gregorgio
326. Oscar wilde and a game called murder by gyles brandreth
327. The observations by jane harris
328. The last nightingale by Anthony flacco
329. A foreign affair by caro peacock
330. The bishop must die by Michael jecks
331. The virgin of small plains by nancy pickard
332. The secret history of the pink carnation by lauren willig
333. The dark water by david pirie
334. A beautiful blue death by chalres finch
335. The deception of the emerald ring by lauren willig
336. An instance of the finder post by iain pears
337. The greatest knight by Elizabeth chadwick
338. False inspector dew by peter lovesey
339. Mr. parker pyne, detective bny Agatha Christie
340. A scandalous countess by jo Beverly
341. The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest by stieg Larsson Dumped
342. The sultan’s wife by jane Johnson
343. The secret of the old clock by Carolyn keene
344. A Connecticut yankee in king arthur’s court by mark twaine
345. The shoemakers wife by Adriana trigiani
346. The skull of truth by bruce coville
347. The emperor’s pearl by Robert van gulk
348. The scarlet thread by Francine rivers
349. Whiteout by ken follett
350. Dragon’s pawn by carol l. dennis
351.The Tower Treasure by franklin w. Dixon
352. The salt road by jane johnson
353. Buffalo girls by larry mcmurty
354. Aladdin and other Arabian Nights
355. Fevre Dream by George R.R. Martin
356. With No One as Witness by Elizabeth George
357. PompeII by Robert Harris

358. Sword of Darkness by
359. Knight of Darkness by Kinley Macgregor
360. This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers Dumped
361. Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson Dumped
362. The Physick book of deliverance by katherine howe
363. No Safety in numbers by Dayna Lorentz
364. Roots by Alex Haley
365. Warlock by Wilbur Smith
366.The Trouble With Brides {The Bride Most Begrudingy,Courting Trouble,Deep In The Heart of Trouble}
367. The Difference Engine by William Gibson,Bruce Sterling
368. The Silver Wolf by Alice Borchardt
369. Empress by Shan Sa
370. Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles by Margaret George
371. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy