Prom Queen Review




A spring night, soft moonlight, five beautiful Prom Queen candidates, dancing couples at the Shadyside High prom—these should be the ingredients for romance. But instead they’re a recipe for terror…

The Good

I could pretend that I did not read Prom Queen in October of 2016 but I will not.

I liked that it was small and short. I miss the small mass market paperbacks that you can put in your purse. I miss the artsy cover arts of the 90s. I miss feeling like there was an expansive world out there in horror *sigh*

The Bad

I like the idea of Fear Street, the nostalgia, more than what the story is today.

Image result for Tiara TemplateBook version of jump scares (ugh)

Image result for Tiara Templatefeeling detached/underwhelmed by it all

Image result for Tiara TemplateThere was seriously a point where I was like I do not actually like this book. I wanted to put it down which is never a good sign.

Image result for Tiara Templatecharacters mesh together/they are not distinct. Did not like any of the characters because they were all mean. I am not into this thing where people are mean to each other and call themselves friends (unless it is fun which it was not in this case)

Image result for Tiara TemplateKind of guessed who did it early on (which probably was easy because I read almost all of the Fear Street books as a kid)

Image result for Tiara TemplateI wish I liked it because the books are old enough to be easily and cheaply accessible in used book market. I just did not feel any excitement while reading it. Overall it was blah.

I need some good (diverse) horror books in my life.

(image and synopsis are from goodreads)


November Bookhaul

I had to push for 10 to get in on this deal. I hated it. So some of these books are going to be things that don’t interest me at all. I’m too cynical to believe that books I got just to reach ten will be good.

I’ll order them from least to most interested.

Ugh I Just Think These Will Not Be Good


I really feel in my being that these are going to be bad. I will give them a try though because I did pay for them.



It sucks that White Jenna is book two in a series.


I thought this book was middle grade so I got it for my cousin(s). The edition that I own it has the look of an old 90s young adult novel. I read the synopsis and it is for adults so yeah.



I watch the show Rizzoli and Isles so that is why I got The Sinner, hope it is good.

Might Actually Be Good


Easy To Kill might be good since Poirot is not the detective on the case. I am extremely rooting for Charlotte Brontes secret history to be good so that I can do a I love girls in dresses post.


A Twist of Fate: okay this surprised me because I see so many romance novels that don’t have non-white characters. I’ve been wanting for there to be more interracial romance books out in the literary world. I hope so hard that this is good.

Side note, I put both of these covers up so you could see the two fairly different looks that the covers show of the heroine. I have to read this so I can see how the author describes her appearance. My cover is the one on the right.

For My Cousin(s)


I like the premise of ya novels so hard but can’t read ya. I tried reading Delirium because I previewed it in the past and thought it was okay.I can not do it now. I  was through with Libba Bray with Beauty Queens. As long as my cousin likes it that is all that matters.


I read kira-kira as a teenager which is pretty cool that I can find it and pass it to my cousin(s). I don’t remember anything really except a kite.


This book did not have a dust jacket so I thought it was the book on the right not the book on the left.


Dark Quetzal: This did not have a dust jacket either which would have told me that it is the third in the series. Dust jackets are so useful.


I read Sarah Dessen as a teenager. I read the How To Deal novel which I remember liking.


I started getting this saga originally for my cousin but may give it to someone else. I don’t know. I have to see what is going on with them. I actually read the first one in high school and can remember major parts from the book. That is crazy since I liked those two other books mentioned earlier better. Even though, I was not into the series I want to give her free reign in her reading and not have people policing it. I do want to be careful that she does not read some of not age appropriate stuff out in the market though. Okay, so all I need now is the fourth one.

In My Mailbox


I finally got this book. This is the book I was talking about when I said I was reading Sleepy Hollow: Children of the Revolution in 7 days so I could get a new book. I previewed this book a while back and thought it was cool. The idea of someone trying to survive on a deserted Mars  sounds so promising to me. I want to get a sci-fi  that is good so bad. I’m probably not going to read this book until December because of finals being so close.

I also got a  bunch of comics that all look good. I’ll review some comics on here one day. Okay, now I will go off to draft my library haul.

Bookhaul 8/15/14


I finally got the Gunslinger the first book in the Dark Tower series. I noticed that it says revised and expanded on it which worries me. It makes me think of The Stand (the starter of my slump of Stephen King).


No idea what these are about.


Night Shift: This is not the edition my book is in but I’m too lazy to find my exact edition. I bought this version of Night Shift because this one has Children of the Corn in it.

On Writing: I heard this is really good. I do actually enjoy when Stephen King gives introduction and such at the begging of his novels. So I assume that I will like hearing him talking about writing. Now, I am thinking about Misery.


11/22/63 looks like it might be good. I have no idea what From A Buick 8 is about. I’m going blind into most of these Stephen King novels and I like it.


None of these have dust jackets.


I already read Carrie but gave my old copy away in the big Stephen King purge (one of my deepest regrets as a book reader). I already own The Wastelands so this copy is not going on my books left to read list either.

For Other People


I might sample this for myself because I find the concept behind this book interesting. It will ultimately go to my cousins because I will most likely not like this book.


It is a bind up of two books  so that interested me. I don’t like Christopher Pike, I tried to read one of his books when I was a kid, nope. I might try this one though just to see if my assessment of his writing still rings true. I also saw a bind up of The Flowers in the Attic/Petals In The Wind at my local area place that I get used books. Since I read Flowers In The Attic as a kid I know what is in those pages so no to me giving my cousins that for so many reasons. Yes, I am a 90s book reader which probably explains my feelings on the young adult literature of today.


My mom picked this up for herself.

Hardcover Classics

I got some of those hardcover pretty classics this go around. I think it is very interesting timing that I would find these books because I have been eyeing these books recently. I have not made the leap to getting one because of the price. I like how most of the hardcover classics look but don’t like their price. I was fortunate to find all these books for cheap so yeah.


Nobel Prize Library Hemingway Hesse Hamsun
Masterpieces of Murder by Agatha Christie
Three Short Novels by Dostoevsky


All these are without dust jackets

[all images are via goodreads]