Being An Adult In Y.A./Being A Y.A. Returner

  • Being conscious of that adultness.

There are a lot of discussions about how adults are taking over the young adult category. I am not going to get deep into my thoughts because it is a loaded conversation that needs its own entire post that I may write one day. Overall, it is a valid and needed conversation.

  • Adult listening to adults

A. I do not want to invade teens reading spaces.

I believe that I mostly follow adult y.a. readers which is probably because as a y.a. returner I have different expectations for the genre. Also, I feel kind of uncomfortable coming into a teens space.

B. Criticalness/Critique/Discussion

Part of the reason I am able to be a part of  the category is because of the discussions. I’m connected to people who discuss all the issues I have had with category since I left back in the day. Not to say that teens are not  part of these discussions but I think adults are mostly part of these discussions.

  • Past y.a. reader me

A. grew up with y.a.

Archie comics and Fear Street were the first books I really read.

B. having a blog/goodreads footprint of me with y.a.

I can look when I first read certain books and let go of y.a.

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  • Changes in y.a. then and now

A. Mass market paperback to mostly hardcover or trade paperback

B. Y.A. novels are bigger

C. More diversity

D. More voices hitting mainstream publishing  than before


If you are someone who has been around y.a. for a long time what are some things you have noticed change about the genre? How do you feel about the whole adults in y.a. discussion? What are some things you have noticed since more adults have come into the category?


My Ultimate Reading Plan


This image is how my books look except worse. I am thinking of doing a two-year reading plan to finish the 347 books I own.

Books On my Que
Pope Joan
Vampire Lestat(literally been reading for more than a year now)
The Thorn Birds
The observations
Sugar Queen
World Without End
Girl with a Dragon Tattoo
Rockstar In Seat 3A
Pentacle Pendant
Before I go To Sleep
Moon Called


So i’m currently reading The Vampire Lestat. And i looked at when i read The Interview With The Vampire  and it was June of last year, it has been a year.That is so crazy. I read Dead Until Dark(True Blood as some people know) and it made me think of how many vampire books i read and made me realize that i like fantasy books if they are done in a good way. A good vampire story<to me> has good mythology and is interesting. I read some bad books and they made me think that i didn’t like fantasy stories. I’m sorry that my writing goes from idea to idea.


Please give me feedback this is my first blog.