Prom Queen Review




A spring night, soft moonlight, five beautiful Prom Queen candidates, dancing couples at the Shadyside High prom—these should be the ingredients for romance. But instead they’re a recipe for terror…

The Good

I could pretend that I did not read Prom Queen in October of 2016 but I will not.

I liked that it was small and short. I miss the small mass market paperbacks that you can put in your purse. I miss the artsy cover arts of the 90s. I miss feeling like there was an expansive world out there in horror *sigh*

The Bad

I like the idea of Fear Street, the nostalgia, more than what the story is today.

Image result for Tiara TemplateBook version of jump scares (ugh)

Image result for Tiara Templatefeeling detached/underwhelmed by it all

Image result for Tiara TemplateThere was seriously a point where I was like I do not actually like this book. I wanted to put it down which is never a good sign.

Image result for Tiara Templatecharacters mesh together/they are not distinct. Did not like any of the characters because they were all mean. I am not into this thing where people are mean to each other and call themselves friends (unless it is fun which it was not in this case)

Image result for Tiara TemplateKind of guessed who did it early on (which probably was easy because I read almost all of the Fear Street books as a kid)

Image result for Tiara TemplateI wish I liked it because the books are old enough to be easily and cheaply accessible in used book market. I just did not feel any excitement while reading it. Overall it was blah.

I need some good (diverse) horror books in my life.

(image and synopsis are from goodreads)


???:The Richard Bachman Books (1/4): Rage


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A. A high school show-and-tell session explodes into a nightmare of evil…

B. Only death can keep you from the finish line-in the ultimate competition of the all-too-near future…

C. What happens when one good-and-angry man fights back is murder-and then some…

D. In the year 2025, the best men don’t run for president. They run for their lives…

I realize that the synopsis for each book is one sentence so I put them in the order like above and asked my mom and brother separately which sounds the best. They actually both picked D. My brother said D or A. I decided to read A for some reason. By the way synopsis for this book does not fit the content of the book.

The Bad

I went into this book saying  don’t think hard. I kinda thought if I just gave the book a chance and did not turn my usual reading brain on it would be good. I was trying to read it without taking breaks to think because I knew this was not it. It was not that hot in the first place (eh level).  The characters were not that developed and realistic. The scenario of the story is interesting but it did not have the horror aspect or the above mentioned things in his characters so I did not care. It never went beyond an okay level.

The Meh

Thankfully, Carrie came out before this did. This story overall was eh. The content is not as controversial as the events that happened around this book. The only slightly good thing I can mention about this book is one of the characters was interesting to me. I think if she was given more development and given her own book that would’ve have been way more interesting.

This book made me realize the many issues I have with his writing.  One of those things is the feeling that his stories are samey. Also,  I need Stephen King to do horror for me to like his books. I don’t want a story that is about dysfunctional people just talking or being dysfunctional. This is the main reason I did not finish The Stand and 11/22/64.

Stephen King has done better and I assume can do better (I’ve heard his writing is not that hot now. If 11/22/63 is an indication of how writing is now. Ugh.)

Rankings of Stephen King Books  I’ve Read So Far

  1. Misery
  2. Cujo
  3. Carrie
  4. The Stand
  5. 11/22/63
  6. Rage