Being A Y.A. Returner: Being Y.A. Returned

A while back I talked a bit about Being An Adult In Y.A./Being A Y.A. Returner so today I want to talk further into some observations about my y.a. reading.

Here are a couple of things that I have noticed about my young adult reading.

  • Own Voices/diverse books are the majority

A. Young adult is more diverse (or at least there is a community to push up the diversity happening)

B. Young adult that talks about so many different things that past y.a. did not

This could be a post in itself but I just enjoy so much about reading diverse books.

  • #1 Genre Read = Realistic Contemporary

Diverse books are mostly in the realistic contemporary genre (what I would give for a good fluffy contemporary). It will be interesting in 2018 with more genre expansion and particularly sff for diverse books how that will affect my reading.

  • Unknowns are my favorites

Most of the books I liked/loved I did not plan to read. On the opposite end some of the books I got really excited about I did not like or finish.

  • Mainstream ≠ me

A. Diverse books do not necessarily become mainstream (which actually sucks now that I am thinking on it).

B. It is a weird thing where I am into y.a. but not extremely into it. In the past I have described it as being a guest, coming into y.a. to read certain books then leaving out.

  • Nothing later than 2010’s or Future/Present YA is my realm

Anything not between 2015-17 seems to not be for me. Sometimes this can be awesome because everything I am reading is pretty new. On the other hand it can be annoying waiting on the newest book to come out.

Overall, I am just excited about being back. I did not expect after everything that I would be back but I am enjoying it.

Since it has been troublesome deciding what post to do next in this series I need your help.


Being An Adult In Y.A./Being A Y.A. Returner

  • Being conscious of that adultness.

There are a lot of discussions about how adults are taking over the young adult category. I am not going to get deep into my thoughts because it is a loaded conversation that needs its own entire post that I may write one day. Overall, it is a valid and needed conversation.

  • Adult listening to adults

A. I do not want to invade teens reading spaces.

I believe that I mostly follow adult y.a. readers which is probably because as a y.a. returner I have different expectations for the genre. Also, I feel kind of uncomfortable coming into a teens space.

B. Criticalness/Critique/Discussion

Part of the reason I am able to be a part of  the category is because of the discussions. I’m connected to people who discuss all the issues I have had with category since I left back in the day. Not to say that teens are not  part of these discussions but I think adults are mostly part of these discussions.

  • Past y.a. reader me

A. grew up with y.a.

Archie comics and Fear Street were the first books I really read.

B. having a blog/goodreads footprint of me with y.a.

I can look when I first read certain books and let go of y.a.

176340 21853677

  • Changes in y.a. then and now

A. Mass market paperback to mostly hardcover or trade paperback

B. Y.A. novels are bigger

C. More diversity

D. More voices hitting mainstream publishing  than before


If you are someone who has been around y.a. for a long time what are some things you have noticed change about the genre? How do you feel about the whole adults in y.a. discussion? What are some things you have noticed since more adults have come into the category?

Library Checkout Reviews {20}

It is a bit hard to have a cut off with the library books since I go to library every time I go to school and get new books (basically at least once a week).


Crazy story I almost did not get this book. I was in the library looking for a book to read for about an hour or more  which is over my time limit I’m supposed to dedicate to look for books. I picked up this book then put it down to be reshelved then came back and picked it up because I felt like I needed to get something to rationalize how much time I spent in the library.


The alien world and its inhabitants were interesting. The main character was interesting for the first half of the book. At first I was really into this book. I thought I’ve been going all around looking for such and such book when I could have been reading this.


It’s not actiony. It is probably odd that each time I go into a sci-fi/fantasy book I have an expectation to see actiony. Each time I am faced with a book that is not actiony. I want action and adventure so bad. I was okay with their being a lack of action in the beginning because there was something for me to be interested in. Toward the middle half I started feeling that something was missing and that I was not  enjoying it as much as I did at first. The last 100 pages were difficult to read. Why did I lose interest? I lost interest because it took all its potential, my expectations, and didn’t fulfill them. It never evolved into something more beyond just world building. I feel a bit ( definitely not to the same level as I did with Tigana all those feelings). The story set up this world and story to just talk. I don’t know what it is with sci-fi and fantasy with this thing of having no action.  It also introduced some things that I feel was not developed enough for me to care about.  It made me go into my rant about the problems in sci-fi and fantasy, haven’t done that in a long time.

I just want to leave this world and politely not comeback or talk about it again.

I Don’t Have A Problem I Have The Solution {Bookhaul/#BeCritical}

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion on booktube dealing with being critical. I want to talk about some comments that I saw in the discussion videos toward the people who are critical and other stuff.

One thing that stood out to me is that many people stated that they did not understand why people would pick up books they knew they wouldn’t like. I don’t think that most people pick up books that they don’t think they will get some enjoyment out of unless it is for school. Then again there are people who don’t look in their reading for enjoyment. Also, another point is that some people pick up books knowing that they will not like the book just to talk about how bad it is. I think that is one of the main things that a lot of readers don’t understand is how you can get enjoyment out of making fun of a book. I think that since readers are more connected to authors they feel that they shouldn’t be negative about authors works. I actually made a comment in one of my posts about how the thin line between authors and readers is bothering me.

Being the reader that I am being critical is something I just do.

The discussion made me start asking myself do I just pick up books out of I think this book is good or just to have something around me because I want to read. Do I read for the sake of reading? This thougth  stuck with me so hard because of the place I was in my reading. It came when I was questioning if I ever got out of the slump I had during the summer. I think a part of me still is in the slump of the summer because the issues I was dealing with then I’m still dealing with. I think sometimes if I didn’t read what else would I do?The thing that has helped me get of that mentality is reading graphic novels. I’m saying all this because I got a lot of books and these are things that crossed my mind while getting some of these books.

Here are a couple of videos that I liked talking about the be critical argument.

I like this video because it gets into how I feel this discussion has turned into people fiscating on the  use of the word “worthless”. When a lot of discussions come up this is done, the fixating on one word. An entire argument gets sidetracked by one minor detail instead of focusing on the argument itself. I feel that even if he came at the discussion differently the discussion would have still been a problem. I don’t agree with her on that point.

The entire discussion is important. If you have read my blog for a while you would know that I’m a reader like batpierce except I don’t curse. Overall, I want the best for every reader. I don’t want to feel like they owe authors or other readers something. I want reading to come to the point that it is about the reader and their enjoyment. At the same time I want the books that are being put out to be better. I should not feel like I’m reading the same story over and over again. I want literature that is cutting deeper into the roots to get the problems in our society not perpetuate them. I want to see diversity and variety in the things that are being published.

Bookhaul [Input Solution Pick Up Random Books]

These are all of the books I got from the library. I actually finished some of these but will separate the reviews into another post.


I thought that the solution to my feeling of being overwhelmed by the amount of choice in books. My solution was to just pick up some random books. Since I want to get into middle grade fiction I picked some random middle grade books.



I only got Undead Pets because it has a cat on the front cover.


I realized that my local library at university has an entire shelf for Asian fiction. Yes and Yes.

Library Checkout Review {17}



Pros: Robecca’s potential boyfriend (they need to make him into a doll), Robecca was the only character I could stand, learning about the world of Monster beyond what is on the webisodes, other characters who are not on the show, all the little moments that the main cast from the show appeared

Cons: characters are one note, Rochelle and Venus are annoying, the plot was basic and felt done at the last-minute, I don’t feel the friendship between these characters

Comments: The characters personalities are one-dimensional most of the time. Yes, there are moments when the characters are showed as flawed but those moments are overwhelmed by all the points when the characters are not. To a certain point the lack of personality dimensions could be explained by the characters being side characters in the webseries so the author may not have had that much room to work with. I just feel that characters that are on the same boat as them such as Howleen have a way more interesting and better development as a character (in the journals that came with her doll).

The problem is that  the Venus and Rochelle had one personality characteristic and that is all they came to be. I actually thought of all the cool people (from seeing their personalities in their journals, webseries, and the movies) that have way more interesting personalities that could have gotten a story.

Most Annoying

1. Rochelle- everything is about rules to the point that she can be very rude and condescending

2. Venus- She is one of those aggressively pushy people who cares about the environment


The werecat twins assessment of her is very sound when reading through her point of view for most of the book.

All she cares about is rules. Every word that comes out of her mouth is about rules. She corrects people a lot.


This is one of the problems I have with Venus: ( I will insert the cartoon post I saw  when I find it. Anyway, it shows how people get angry with even the mention of a person saying they are vegetarian because they expect them to be pushy and annoying. ) In Venus’s case it was her love for the environment which is okay in small doses but when that is ALL she is it is annoying.

She basically perpetuates the stereotype of people who are vegetarian and/or care about the environment.It is what people think all vegetarian/vegan/people who care for environmental rights are like.  People who are not pushy or rude have to deal with the stuff like the article above talks about. I’m a vegetarian but she became annoying as soon as her character was introduced. (I do think that one of the things that came from her environmental pushiness and things was cool though)

I can see why this is important personally to her because she is from nature herself. It would have been cool if that was explored or things were taken more in-depth in terms of her personality trait.  I have a problem that this is the image that young adults/middle grades are going to be fed.


She did not really have a strong personality which I liked compared to the other characters. However, I still feel like she did not have that much of a personality other than being late and forgetting things.

Ever After High was so much better. I think it is because Ever After High has an overwhelming purpose and their adventures are not stuck to a school.

-I sampled book 2 and things did not improve. I don’t want to continue this series just so I can see moments with Robecca and her potential man or Weberella as a character ( I mean Wydona Spider, I like calling her Weberella better).

Overall: I was expecting so much from reading the preview for this and after reading Ever After High. The personalities and basicness of the plot killed this story. Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends was so much better. I was so obsessed with Ever After High when it ended that it is weird to have to exact opposite reaction with this one.

I Will Pick These Back Up Later, Seriously

I said all those things last time in my library book haul about supporting authors you like and stuff. Well, I hit a reading slump of sorts so none of that happened. So read none of these books. I will honestly pick these back up later.




No spoilers.

Pros: There are so many questioned answered and so many questions that come from those answers. I think that this is the perfect place for people who have seen the anime because now things are away from where the anime ended. The pace is so fast in the manga series versus the anime which is usually the case in terms of book to television/movie adaptations. At first the fast pace bothered me in the earlier volumes because the anime gives time for you to breathe and take in situations. I think that I am really okay with how things are moving now because things are being answered. The pace makes me wonder when and how is this series going to end. The way that things are going the reason for the titans and other stuff needs to be strong. I recently read that the series is ending at 20 volumes. I think that is a good number  with the way that series is going the manga needs to have an end game. If you did not know I am obsessed with series now.

Cons: My usual complaints with this series the moral declarations that make me want to choke characters

So 11/20?

Comeback Later?/Finished


I will pick this up later maybe. I am conflicted if I should finish this or not.


I never even started it.


So I had  to go back to get this because it was the other interlibrary loan book I had.

+ addresses things that I never thought about in having your destiny decided, It gets into how silly it is in a way for people to play act through their lives, raven and her mom  relationship, has some creative stuff going on

-second books syndrome, stuff happened but it feels like nothing really happened for a mass majority of the book, the main plot seems to only be around to lead to the third book

Comments: While reading this I was going through a lack of interest in reading. The only reason I finished this is because it was a interlibrary loan book. I can’t tell if I was not into it because of my lack of interest in reading or it just not being as great as the first book. I might comeback later and do a more in-depth review of this book. Finished


I found this too while getting Ever After High. It is a first book in a series that I only have the second book to. Another casualty in my lack of interest in reading. These are my opinions of the book so far.

+Brian Selznick illustrating,

-the story feels kind of average

Comments: I have so much appreciation for the art of Brian Selznick it is not even funny. I was so surprised that the art for this book and the second book that I own tie into each other. I cannot show it because I do not have camera skills to give these books their due but it is really awesome if you ever get a chance to see them side by side. My main issue so far is just feeling that the story is not that unique. Beyond that I don’t know if it is that engaging. I can’t tell if this is from my lack of interest in reading or the book in itself.


315: From Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse #8) Spoilers



After the natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina and the manmade explosion at the vampire summit, everyone human and otherwise is stressed, including Louisiana cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse, who is trying to cope with the fact that her boyfriend Quinn has gone missing.

It’s clear that things are changing whether the weres and vamps of her corner of Louisiana like it or not. And Sookie, Friend to the Pack and blood-bonded to Eric Northman, leader of the local vampire community is caught up in the changes.

In the ensuing battles, Sookie faces danger, death, and once more, betrayal by someone she loves. And when the fur has finished flying and the cold blood finished flowing, her world will be forever altered.

The Bad

  • The longer this series goes on the less I can bring myself to care about any of the characters.
  • I am annoyed with how dumb/clueless Charlaine Harris makes Sookie. Why can’t Sookie put a simple 2 plus 2 of the implications of all supernatural creatures being outed?
  • “Wars” keep happening. I can’t get myself to actually care first of all because I generally am apathetic to every character and I feel that these wars are becoming more frequent and less interesting.
  • I just feel like these recent books are filler.  It is a weird thing to say when wars and stuff like that are happening. It is especially weird since I am usually complaining about the lack of action in books. The issue here is that the action has to be actually interesting.
  • The humor is gone.What happened to everyone’s witty lines?

Sookie is getting on my nerves

 I. She is  Selfish  and Self absorbed

and not in a interesting way like Scarlet at the beginning of Gone with the Wind.

  • Alcide can’t even have a moment to mourn a girlfriend who died without it being a affront to Sookie.
  •  Sookie broke up with Quinn because he didn’t call her when he was being watched by vampires in the process of protecting his family from being killed. Sookie said she wanted to come first but Sookie you are not in moral danger so why would I put someone who is okay before my family who is in danger?
  • She got mad at Alecide for not protecting her during the wereshifters war. So Alecide cannot protect himself he is a top level werewolf so he needs to protect himself. Sookie could have totally sat herself down off to the side somewhere. Instead of Sookie going off somewhere to sit down while the wereshifters fought she felt the need to sit around and at a certain point join in the attack.
  • Sookie actually had someone put a spell on someone because she doesn’t like them. Not because she was in actual mortal danger or anything, mind you.

II. Everything is about her

and not in a way that this is her series so of course everything is about her. It is done in a way that I’m getting bothered by how Charlaine Harris is framing things in the story.

  • Why does every man seem to be in love with Sookie?
  • Now that we are on the subject, why does every man feel the need to bind over backwards for Sookie?
  • Why does every man/woman either in love with her or have something against her?
  • Why is Tara her friend but barely ever appears in the: either she is doing a service to Sookie or being victimized.

Things I wish would  happen but I know will not

I can see little gems of great ideas that could really make this series awesome such as

  • all the supernatural creatures being outed and the world dealing with it.
  • Sookie being more than a waitress, not trying to put down waitresses or anything. In the last book Sookie was helping to save people lives and that made me think she could be doing that. Sookie could be doing more as  a character towards her life.
  • Sookie to mature. I want everything to not be about Sookie.
  • New underrepresent supernatural creatures. I was so in love with the second book because it was interesting first of all and it had a supernatural creature I never heard of. My reaction: What is this, I have to actually look up a supernatural creature because I don’t know what it is.
  • I want all the characters to have more depth. Every one is a prop or something for the story/Sookie.

The Good

It’s easy to read so I could get through it without DNFing it.

Comment:I think about way  back when what the series used to be. I heard people talking about how the series goes down in the later books, I did not believe it. I see it now. I am sort of worried that I am going to pick one of these books one day and say no more then stop reading the series all together. It has gotten to that point of me thinking if this was any other series/author it would be a dnf. I think I am hitting the hate reading mode were you just read a book to rant about it.

I am going to have to pick wisely the next book I read because the next book I finish needs to wow me.

Top Ten Tuesday: If I could Redesign covers

My list in no particular order.

1. My cover

    I like this version better because it gives the book personality.  The simple fact that historical fiction about Korea is underwhelming[read almost zero] used means that the beauty of the hanbok is not seen as much as it could be. So this cover is better.

my cover: LarryMcMurtry LonesomeDove.jpg2. Buffalo Girls or most Larry Mcmurty book covers…

The best cover he has is for the Lonesome Dove series. Buffalo Girls needs something that showcases Calamity Jane and the women of the wild west.  I have not read Buffalo Girls but I have read Lonesome Dove which has a lot action and adventure. If Buffalo Girls has action and adventure also the cover artist needed to show that.

 show the women in this book doing some action stuff on the cover. Spice it up !

3. my cover


Tess of D’ubervilles- so basically any and almost every other book cover is better than mine.   I actually had a book cover on my book even though it is hard cover. I used to make book covers for all my books. I only recently took all the book covers off my books. I wish that I could find the book cover I used from a magazine to cover my book up to show you.

4. Clotel-  I cannot find my books cover online so this one will be used instead. I actually like most of the covers for Clotel but I wish that there more covers that are different to get it more exposure. Most of the covers are similar to this one a woman looking off somewhere. I wish that cover artists and publishers could spread the redesign love over to some of the lesser know classic books to give them more exposure. I am going to be honest seeing all the covers for books like East of Eden or Frankenstein is a beautiful gift. Nonetheless, it pains me so to see books that barely have one cover get no exposure because they do not get 50 different redesigns a year.

My vision for a new cover design  is from one of the scenes in the book were a woman dresses as a man.


5. my cover: These are the only covers for the novel I need to read this novel so I can do a personal cover redesign.

6. It is so basic. I feel that they used up all the cool cover designs for Sherlock Holmes.

7.   I just feel that this cover is okay but could be so much better. I need to read this so I can come up with a redesign.

8. In result of both books having the same name I keep seeing the cover with the white wig and thinking it is a different cover for my book. I actually like both. Not trying to still the cover design or anything but I think that the cover for Scandalmonger with the wig would look nice for a cover redesign for Scandalmonger by William Safire.

my cover

9. For this one I had a book cover on the book for so long that I forgot what the original cover looked.

How I thought it looked:

My cover:  It really shows why I hated the book. A story that starts out about family is taken over by the

epic(ly lame) romance story.

10. I actually had a girls in dresses redesign cover  for this book but I dnf the book. So this is my chance to show the picture I had in mind for my I love girls in dresses review.

itw my cover

We Need More Cover Redesigns

  • to get lesser know books (mostly classics) more exposure.
  • to depict what is actually inside the book.
  • Spice it up!
  • To get a wider audience of book readers

If only I was a book designer.