Library Checkout 5/29/14


I had to get this book and The Unfairest of Them all by Shannon Hale on interlibrary loan because my library does not have it in their library system. I don’t know how long it will take for them to get The Unfairest of Them All at the library but I did get this one so that is good. They are probably going to get it tomorrow right after I went to the library. I actually had to go back to the library after getting the rest of my books because they notified me a couple of hours later that they received this book. I’m excited about this book because it is going to put light on characters who are beyond the main cast. I sampled a bit last month and liked what I read so far so yeah.

Supporting Authors I Like

I want to make sure that I support authors I have liked in the past. My reading right now is more about enjoyment versus trying to get through x amount of books to finish reading all the books I have left to read.  Right now I am reading two books I own and  I like both. This is one of my reading resolutions actually, to read more authors who I have liked in the past. I think one of the things that has stopped me from doing this other than trying to get through the books I own is experiencing so many authors disappointing me. Stephen King and Charles Dickens are a two authors who have disappointed me recently. I hope that every last one of these books can remind me of why I read them.




I also want to make sure that I don’t forget what series I am following.

Graphic Novels


So this is for my brother. I read the Uglies novel in middle school then oddly didn’t continue the series ( the importance of the above support books/series/authors is strong here). So I never continued the series. I tried to read it again in high school but it was around the time that my foot was basically out the door on ya. This is not the first book in the series so he cannot read it anyway.


This is mostly for my brother too. I sampled this recently and thought it seemed creative but was lacking something. I do plan to read just know that this will not be a five star.


Definitely for my brother.

18070208 [random read]

I randomly found this in the new section, it looks interesting.



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